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Fighting fire with fire: We know it’s wrong to attack Natalia Kills and Willy Moon, but why is it so hard not to?

A while back a friend tweeted a link to an article about how twitter has a mob mentality to it. It mentioned that public shaming was abandoned over two hundred years ago, so why did people think it was okay for the 21st century. Because everyone is sitting behind a computer screen of course.

If I had seen what Natalia Kills and Willy Moon, The X-Factor New Zealand judges who are now out of a job due to the blatant bullying of contestant Joe Irvine, had said a few years ago when I was younger than today, I would of been all over it on social media. I would of tweeted non-stop when it happened, and would probably still be going. But up until now I haven’t spoken about the outburst from the couple on the singing contest created by Simon Cowell, the original mean judge himself.

This doesn’t mean I approve or condone what they said. I was confused as to why someone would think it would be okay to say those things. “You’re a laughing stock – it’s cheesy, it’s disgusting, I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious.” I mean who says stuff like that like. And while it would of been easy to call her a bitch, like many others have, behind my computer screen, I didn’t do that.

Because that would of made me no better than them. Over the days since the attack on Irvine live on air, there have been countless personal attacks on the pair. Which I can understand, because people were shocked as to how someone would say what they did.

But instead of tweeting something about them, just don’t. They don’t deserve anymore of our attention, and soon they will float away into obscurity, because there is no way they will get much of a job or sell many records after this. Down and out they sound like terrible people (Kills spokesman has recently told British tabloid Daily Mirror that “she stands by what she said”) so why give them any more fame out of this than they already have.

I guess the lesson here is only say something online about someone if you were prepared to say it to them in person. If not maybe keep it to yourself. Natalia Kills and Willy Moon didn’t keep their thoughts to themselves and said them in person because well they are shitty people, but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

My Love For The Galaxy Far Far Away – Part 2

Second month in, and I still haven’t started Rebels. I really should, after that season final that got all of the internet talking. I have a bit to report on though. Here we go:

Darth Vader Issue #1 – Salvador Larroca is an incredible artist. I loved the two page spread of Darth Vader in front of Jabba with those in Jabba’s Palace behind him. The story was good enough for me to want to see more, but I never got around to buying issue #2.

Princess Leia Issue #1 – I read a tweet about someone feeling okay but not great about this one about a hour before I read it. Safe to say I agreed with him. I was interested in the mini series, but the plot that was set up here, is so less compelling that Star Wars and Darth Vader.

The Empire Strikes Back commentary – Last week I listened to a commentary for a Star Wars film for the first time. Interesting stuff. this is what I learn’t:

We have a episode number in the opening crawl, as it wasn’t allowed for A New Hope, which made George mad. Irvin Kershner first said no to directing. He was also mad.

Irvin wanted to take a more serious tone than George’s ANH, and thank god he did. He wanted humour, he wanted emotion, he wanted character depth. He also loved to fill the screen, something that is noticeable when watching.

Irvin found it amusing we were watching a love story that goes nowhere, to be resolved in Return Of The Jedi.

George says killing off Obi-Wan in ANH lead to Yoda, and he knew they needed something alien like for the long talk scenes. He says doing those scenes were incredible hard, having to block scenes around a puppet. A major reason they went digital latter. The “there is another” line is to show that Luke could die, and that is expandable, unlike someone such as Superman.

Carrie Fisher says they had to take aa two hour break while filming the prison scene with Lando, because it got so heated.

What we learned from Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry’s AMA.

On what he took home from the set: “Aubrey Plaza” (in reference to the make out session they had on Late Night).”

On who is the funniest person on set: “Everybody is fuNny but Chris Pratt is killer. He could break us up easily. He never did the same thing twice. I think he’s a bit of a comic genius.”

On working on Friends: “I loved doing an episode of Friends. What I realized was that after all those years they really were friends. I’ve worked a lot of shows where by the end the cast can barely tolerate each other. It was a gift on Parks that we all loved each other and I think they definitely had that on Friends too. A very warm and comfortable set.”

On Harris Wittels who recently passed away: “My first memory of Harris was when I was reading Sarah Silverman’s book. There was a picture of a penis…it was Harris’s. I remember thinking that anyone who would be that bold to allow that is someone I could hang with. Harris was always funny but more importantly…he was always kind. He is and will be forever missed.”

On his character becoming the mayor: “I couldn’t have been happier with Garry becoming the mayor…not just temporarily but for the rest of his life. Such an honor for the guy who was the schlameel and schlamazel of his office for 30 years.”

On his favourite moment on Parks: “I loved doing the Fart Attack. I felt that the only way to make it funny was to play it very real. With craziness going on around me I knew that it would be the best way to handle it. The problem was trying to keep it together when you have Aziz asking if I ate farts for lunch. lol.”


Is it sad that I would class picking my sister up on a Saturday night an outing? It’s sad, I know. This is what happens when you work every Friday and Saturday night for the past year (this is voluntarily, nobody forced me to live this way). The upside of this outing is, time has clicked over into the next day, meaning a fresh start and other bullshit (think of me singing yesterday’s gone from Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop”). The other upside is it gave me a chance to go to McDonalds. I know, I’m meant to be focusing on my fitness and all, because of that fitbit flex that I brought, but McDonalds in the middle of the night taste so good. So good (google Amber Mariano, then Brkich, saying so good in Survivor: The Australian Outback, thats how much I enjoyed it). I’m thinking about how tomorrow will be better, because today wasn’t that great. Worst that the usual Saturday. Somethings I get so upset because I don’t think my life is going very well. It is but it isn’t at the same time. I have money. I just feel like I don’t have a major purpose. At the same time, my co worker enjoyed both my Prince references tonight (they were at separate times, don’t think of me as someone who overly references pop culture. Who am I kidding? I am that person, so why isn’t anyone paying me for this shit yet?). After work and before picking up my sister, I put on Girls, which I brought on Blu-Ray a good year and a half ago but never had watched (Yes, I’m that person that feels the need to buy television shows on Blu-Ray). Within ten minutes I was hooked. How could I not be when I felt like I’m a lesser version of Hannah. You know how everybody talks about Sex and the City and references with one they are? Do they do that with Girls? Because I’d be Hannah, without the sex from a future Sith Lord (Am I meant to out Sith Lord in caps?). Also at the end of the show, when she is left with what looks like $40 from her parents, a very hipster cool Brooklyn-ish song starts playing. It sounded like Paul Simon, but a show like Girls would be above Paul Simon. It turns out it’s his son. Now that’s the Lena Denham I expect.


It’s been A Catcher In The Rye kind of day. But without the prostitute, and without the no money thing, and without the depression. I say this in the least pretentious kind of way. One time in my Business Management teachers office she was trying to find a word to describe me. Another teacher jumped in and said pretentious. She didn’t think I would know what it meant. I let her know I wasn’t thrilled to be called that. Anyway the reason why I mention Rye is because I spent a few hours walking around the city. I shopped, and I had lunch by myself. It was so peaceful. I think I need more friends though. I say this after I’ve moved on from so many others. When I was at the counter at JB, the lady serving (side-note: why is it more common for a woman to be serving at a checkout whether it’s at a music store or a place where you buy food?) commented on what I was buying. This is maybe the best thing they can do. Let me be clear when I’m buying clothes or food, I don’t want to waste my time or their time with pointless chit chat, but at JB, different story. It’s like they are approving your taste. Not only that, but I think I impressed someone with my sales hunting. I mean if I’m going to shop, I’m going to do it well.


I’ve literally done nothing today, and I’m totally fine with that. Isn’t that what Sunday’s are for. I remember when I was seventeen I used to work every single Sunday. The shift was 11.30 until 4.30. It was the worst time for a shift, taking up the majority of the day, leaving a small amount of time in the mornings and afternoons to myself. It made the end of the weekend’s pretty shitty, espeically witht he thought of school the next day, and then work after that.

So I guess thats why I appricate days like this. I’ve spent most of my day reading James Andrew Miller & Tom Shales’ ‘Live From New York’ book on the history of ‘Saturday Night Live’. Which is cool, but I thought the 40th annivasery special was on a Saturday night, meaning Sunday midday here. Unkown to me it was always gonna be on a Sunday night, so Monday Australian time. Which is fine, but I might not be watching it for a few days now.

What am I currently listening too you ask? Well my iTunes is on shuffle, but I’m cheating by picking which songs stay in the up next bar up top. Which is a convenient tool, and the only worthy addition to iTunes in the past few years. I had “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon on before, which reminds me of the summer before I strated my senior year, because I was playing the fuck out of Graceland at the time. I just had playing “Wild Is The Wind” by David Bowie off his Station to Station album, a favourite of mine. I only just relaised that it was a cover.

Normally I’m more of a live in the moment person, but I wish I had a photo of Studio 8H, that I got to admire for a good ten minutes behind glass while I waited to enter Seth Meyer’s monologue rehesal in the studio adjuacent.

“No Coke! Pepsi?