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We Can Do More Than Just Asking R U OK? How Osher Gunsberg, R U OK Day, and Michael Hurley Made Me Want To Be More Open and Honest About How I’m Going


No way! How have I not posted anything on here since March? Not even some terrible picture taken from tumblr in a attempt to get a few clicks? Or some half assed think piece on Australia’s darling Sonia Kruger? Maybe I was waiting to come back for something important. I guess this is it then.

Yesterday was R U OK? day. I’m sure everyone was aware of it (hopefully). During the week there would of been a social media campaign and I’m sure traditional advertising was happening, but what caught my eye was a pamphlet around the size of a A5 piece of paper stuffed in my Hungry Jacks bag last weekend. What a great idea. I grabbed in for some serviettes but was left doing something more importantly than cleaning my salty fingers.

I started thinking about myself? Was I OK? Today when I’m writing this I’m fine. I’m great actually, but what about last week? I don’t think I was doing quite as well, but we can stop talking about me in the present as I always know in the long run I’ll be fine. Everything will all work out somehow.



Adam Goodes: Why are we kicking someone while they’re down?

Normally Twitter is not the place to get a clear opinion out there, with its 140 character limit, but yesterday comedian Nazeem Hussain was able to do exactly that.

His tweet read: “Aust racism is so futuristic that racists become victims for being called racist & victims become aggressors for calling it out #AdamGoodes”

I’m not writing this to discuss why crowds are booing Adam Goodes. What ever made up reason you have for doing so I don’t want to hear about it.

Firstly, I want to talk about the incident between Goodes and a thirteen year old girl that took place two years ago. When he was called a ape from the cheer squad, he rightly pointed her out.

From that moment on we only got excuses. I heard “She didn’t deserve to be called out because of her age”, “he embarrassed her in front of a massive crowd” and “she didn’t do anything wrong because she didn’t know what it meant”. I don’t know which one of those is the biggest cop out.

I can say with the 100% certainty the only way to make a change, is to speak about it. Goodes called her out and spoke about it. Unfortunately nothing has changed.

I remember sitting down to watch the first Australian Idol grand final between Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll. As a massive fan of Shannon Noll (at the time I should add, Guy has gone on to be well accomplished singer, the only one out of all these shows to make a impact overseas I should add) I made a joke saying I didn’t want “gay Guy” to win. I was told off immediately. I didn’t even know what gay meant at the time or even what I was saying, but I understood from then on it wasn’t right.

Unfortunately not the same can be said for this situation. She didn’t know what she was saying, and at the time she did say sorry, but she couldn’t of meant it that much if her Mum has know come out in her defence saying she felt victimised by Goodes.

She said, “If he hadn’t acted like a pork chop it wouldn’t of mattered”. Basically saying he brought it on himself.

Joanne, the mother of the girl, isn’t the only one to tell Goodes how he should of acted or how he should take the booing. Any public figure who wants to get their name back into the headlines (I’m looking at you Shane Warne and Jason Akermanis) has put their hand up and offered an opinion. Majority of these people who are telling him that he is being a “sook” have something in common. They have never been discriminated against based on their gender, race, or sexuality.

It’s incredibly hard to walk in someone else’s shoes, which is why no one can really understand how Adam Goodes is thinking. The only person that can understand how he is thinking is the man himself, but I can tell you this. When you go through life being discriminated against, and then have to listen to a crowd of football supporters heckle you every time you touch the ball, it feels like it may be that exact reason due to past experiences.

And look maybe out of all those people booing, maybe only a hand full of them were truly racist. Maybe the rest really just don’t like him as a player. What ever the reason is, it was effecting him.
As a nation we proudly celebrate “Movemeber” which not only raises awareness for prostate cancer, but also for men’s mental health. We have government org’s that are trying to reduces the stigma surrounding men and their mental health. Only for Goodes to be told that he’s a sook and he need’s to suck it up.

Even the Chairman of Beyond Blue himself, Jeff Kennett, joined in with the chorus. Kennett said, “as good a player as he is…he is provocative”. This came after we had been told that Goodes was “genuinely struggling”

Saying that he basically brought it on himself is a terribly thing to say when someone isn’t doing well. Is that what we as a nation stand for? To lay the boot into someone when their down.

I don’t care if you’ve played over 300 games like Adam or you’ve walked away from your first game. I don’t care what colour of skin you’ve got. I don’t care if you’ve done something “provocative”. If you walk away from playing a game of football, and end up feeling like he is, then it’s time for us, as a sporting community to back off.

the failed cover letter

A few months ago I applied for a job I knew I had no chance of getting, but I went for it anyway. My low expectations were well thought out, and meant I was not disappointed in any way. Here’s a terrible cover letter a used in my application.

As you can see from my resume, I have very little experiance and no degree. I have Kanye to thank, in part, for that. See ‘The Collage Dropout’ lead me to believe you could get anywhere in life without a degree. I was once talking about this in class in reference to myself, when a teacher jumped in and said only “creative types” could get away with not having a degree while having a career.

I also have myself to thank for why I currently don’t have a degree. While I was meant to be studying in the final years of school, I was too busy focusing on what was happening in the entertainment world.

TRUE STORY: One time while on Twitter in class I broke the “news” that Josh from ‘Big Brother’ 2012 would be leaving due to his brothers death. I was so proud of myself at the time.

No degree aside, I feel like I would be a perfect fit for the job of Staff Writer at Buzzfeed. I’m young, and would never fit the typical mould of a journalism student, just as Buzzfeed doesn’t fit the mould of your typical website. I feel like I have a knowledge and grasp on pop culture that others my age wouldn’t (knowledge is important as time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge. If knowledge comes after time, money and PIZZA it must be important. Lastly I believe that I am highly motivated to get results and get things done. As someone who has posted content online for the last two years with varying degrees of success, I know how it feels like not get the views or clicks you were hoping for. Every time this has happened, I’d pick myself up and try harder next time.

Lastly I’d like you to know I realise there is a very slim chance of me getting this job. To quote Jeff Probst: “(Contestant) has 0.00% of winning this game”. He has said this a fair few times before a season of ‘Survivor’ will start in interviews to press. The funny thing is a few times the people he thinks have no chance, have so much determination that they win the game. Maybe that will be me. The one that nobody expects to achieve anything gets to accomplish great?

I’ll end this letter with that reference to the greatest reality television show of all time, and with myself thanking you for even giving this letter any of your time.

How To Kill A TV Show

It looks as though Channel Seven is trying to get one of it’s US drama’s to fail and die a slow death. Maybe they want Viola Davis to come out here and solve the mystery, although there isn’t much to figure out.

A recurring problem is that they refuse to fast track an American show. A majority of the shows we air here from overseas will start in September, but due to that being the season ratings are low in Australia, the networks will hold off on shows and air them in February “after the Tennis”.

This worked fine and well in the pre-internet days. Although over the past ten years people have got smarter. The internet allows us to communicate with the rest of the world, and when people started to realise we were getting the raw end of the deal, piracy started to rise.

Now there is stupid and incredibly stupid. Most times the networks are stupid. Every year they will advertise the hell out of the biggest shows they acquired from the states. Anyone remember that summer where every time you would turn on Channel Seven, they would be showing a ad for Revenge with Coldplay’s “Paradise” blasting through the speaker. Me too.

By the time February rolled around everyone was watching was watching Revenge. When Seven went to air season two the following year, there had been a massive ratings drop. Reason being many of the die hard Revenge fans would of been watching it on their laptops hours after the US in September the year before.

So that was being stupid, now Seven have taken it to a new level, in a bid to be what I’m calling “incredibly stupid”. This years big show Seven wanted everyone to know about was Shona Rhimes’ How To Get Away With Murder. Like always Seven decided it would be a good idea to wait until “after the Tennis”.

After a good four months of ad’s for the show, they finally got around to putting it on February 10th in a 9PM time slot. 9PM isn’t terrible, but 8.30PM is much better, due to a super sized MKR every night that wasn’t going to happen. The 8.30PM vs 9PM is a whole other story, so I’ll get back on track.

Even though the first episode was five months old by that point it still got decent ratings in Australia. Jump forward to around April and the show is put on hold for a month due to Easter. Every year they make the same mistake of stoping the flow of shows for two weeks, due to Easter being a non-ratings period. Can we scrap that idea?

This past week HTGAWM came back on our screens. The first season of Murder was a short on with only fifteen episodes, so by this time the whole first season has finished and is ready to be downloaded for your binge watching pleasures. The 10th episode (out of 15) aired this week at 9.45PM. An even latter start time will not help its case, and since it’s had a month off, many people have forgotten about it, and the ratings were nowhere in comparison to what it managed at the start of the year.

Seven has now decided to make the problem worse. The show is back off again for two weeks, will be replaced by Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. It will return Monday the 1st of June, starting at 10.40PM. What a joke. If you felt not enough viewers tuned in at 9.45PM, why will they sit up an hour latter.

By the time the season final airs in Australia, it will be 18 weeks since it aired in the United States.

This is a constant problem with Australian television. If you are able to find a show that you like that isn’t about building, cooking, weight loss or dating, it’s more than likely that the show will either a) be moved from night to night constantly or b) have a terribly start time.

Okay so I think I just explained how to kill a TV show, was I also able to convince you why illegal downloading is so high in the land down under too?

Spoiler Alert: Are we losing grip what what a spoiler really means?

Furious 7 has now became the fifth highest grossing film of all time. Only James Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar, Marvel’s The Avengers, and the final Harry Potter film stand in its way. So a lot of people have gone to see Paul Walker’s final movie. I have also seen the action film, but took a long time to do so.

In the three weeks between the films release and getting to see it, I was on social media constantly, and if anyone had mentioned parts of the film, well that’s my own darn fault for one, not seeing the film soon enough, and two, being stupid enough to go on sites that may reveal things about the plot when I hadn’t seen it yet. Luckily I wasn’t spoiled, and I was able to enjoy the film for what it was, but recent events have got me thinking: have we lost track of what a spoiler really means?

To me a spoiler is when something is revealed about a television show or movie ahead of it’s release date. I’ll use my beloved reality show Survivor as an example (yes, Survivor is still on TV. Fifteen years strong!). Survivor films it’s seasons well in advance, sometimes taking up to eight months to air after the events actually happened in some deserted South Pacific island. In the past the order of when people are voted out have been released before the season even starts. That is a spoiler! When I see tweets about the episode after it has aired in Australia, that is not a spoiler, as I can’t expect the world to stop for me. Even though it does suck when I have been stupid enough to go on Twitter straight after the episode aired on the East Coast of the United States, it’s nobodies fault but mine.

The incident much like the second example I explained happened to my sister when she posted about the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Instagram, a good 48 hours after the episode had aired. Half a dozen people screamed “spoiler” and that she “ruined it”, but what was she meant to do? Wait a week? A month? A year? That’s ridiculous!

As I said, stay away from social media if you actually care about seeing something before you hear it from someone else. It’s called social media for a reason. People are always going to be talking. So if you don’t want to spoil shows for yourself, and you don’t see it straight away, it might be best to stay offline.

Karl Stefanovic fought for feminism last year, but now want’s all guys to “man up”!

Last year Karl Stefanovic was applauded when he revealed he had worn the same suit for the majority of a year to point out the sexism between men and woman on our screens. And while this was no ground breaking revelation, it’s clear as day that women are judged on appearance, it was still good of him to shine a light on the issue. Fast forward a few months, and Stefanovic finds it okay to judge and critic other men?

He claims that men, specifically Australian men, have gone soft, and that he want’s to bring back the ‘bloke’.

“I think they’ve gone soft. I think they’re confused. I think their idols, a lot of whom are only in their twenties, are confused and male identity is being watered down”

That’s bad enough, but it gets worse.

“If I see another shaved chest I’m gonna flip out.”

WHAT? Doesn’t this go against what you were fighting for last year? You were sick of people judging Lisa Wilkinson for what she was wearing, but it’s okay for you to be offended because someone else wants to shave their chest?

“I lament that down the pub these days guys are drinking Vodka Cruisers – I mean, watermelon Cruisers? Give me a break.”

No Karl, give me a break. If I wanna drink a watermelon Crusier, I’m going to do it, because I shouldn’t be conforming to what you would like all guys to be doing.

Young males are being taught that they should do what they want to do, not what all the other guys are doing. That doesn’t make them less of a man, it just means they’re smart enough to do something they enjoy, instead of painfully doing something they hate.

With so much progress made in the last year on this issue, this is only a step backwards, and it is no surprise it comes from someone like you, born into a generation where men kept in their feelings because apparently men aren’t meant to have feelings? That method of living can have dire results, which is why organistations like Beyond Blue are around.

I promise you this Karl, next time I have a “girly” drink (which may be a while away due to my realisiton of Australia’s problem in over indulgence of alcohol, but that is a whole other topic) I‘ll be thinking of you, and how there are less and less of people with the view points of yours still around, and thank god for that.


Is it sad that I would class picking my sister up on a Saturday night an outing? It’s sad, I know. This is what happens when you work every Friday and Saturday night for the past year (this is voluntarily, nobody forced me to live this way). The upside of this outing is, time has clicked over into the next day, meaning a fresh start and other bullshit (think of me singing yesterday’s gone from Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop”). The other upside is it gave me a chance to go to McDonalds. I know, I’m meant to be focusing on my fitness and all, because of that fitbit flex that I brought, but McDonalds in the middle of the night taste so good. So good (google Amber Mariano, then Brkich, saying so good in Survivor: The Australian Outback, thats how much I enjoyed it). I’m thinking about how tomorrow will be better, because today wasn’t that great. Worst that the usual Saturday. Somethings I get so upset because I don’t think my life is going very well. It is but it isn’t at the same time. I have money. I just feel like I don’t have a major purpose. At the same time, my co worker enjoyed both my Prince references tonight (they were at separate times, don’t think of me as someone who overly references pop culture. Who am I kidding? I am that person, so why isn’t anyone paying me for this shit yet?). After work and before picking up my sister, I put on Girls, which I brought on Blu-Ray a good year and a half ago but never had watched (Yes, I’m that person that feels the need to buy television shows on Blu-Ray). Within ten minutes I was hooked. How could I not be when I felt like I’m a lesser version of Hannah. You know how everybody talks about Sex and the City and references with one they are? Do they do that with Girls? Because I’d be Hannah, without the sex from a future Sith Lord (Am I meant to out Sith Lord in caps?). Also at the end of the show, when she is left with what looks like $40 from her parents, a very hipster cool Brooklyn-ish song starts playing. It sounded like Paul Simon, but a show like Girls would be above Paul Simon. It turns out it’s his son. Now that’s the Lena Denham I expect.


It’s been A Catcher In The Rye kind of day. But without the prostitute, and without the no money thing, and without the depression. I say this in the least pretentious kind of way. One time in my Business Management teachers office she was trying to find a word to describe me. Another teacher jumped in and said pretentious. She didn’t think I would know what it meant. I let her know I wasn’t thrilled to be called that. Anyway the reason why I mention Rye is because I spent a few hours walking around the city. I shopped, and I had lunch by myself. It was so peaceful. I think I need more friends though. I say this after I’ve moved on from so many others. When I was at the counter at JB, the lady serving (side-note: why is it more common for a woman to be serving at a checkout whether it’s at a music store or a place where you buy food?) commented on what I was buying. This is maybe the best thing they can do. Let me be clear when I’m buying clothes or food, I don’t want to waste my time or their time with pointless chit chat, but at JB, different story. It’s like they are approving your taste. Not only that, but I think I impressed someone with my sales hunting. I mean if I’m going to shop, I’m going to do it well.

Australian’s are the biggest downloaders in the world, and our media outlets are partially to blame

Pirate Bay was taken down during raids in Sweden this week, but the site has already resurfaced. If new laws are imposed in Australia, it may be taken away from us again, this time for good. Although today Communications Minster Malcolm Turnbull warned journalist’s to not report the reforms as an “internet filter”, that is exactly what it is. Turnbull’s plan is for internet providers to block any site that illegal downloads can be obtained, and that downloaders would be formally warned about any online copyright breaches.

Before I go any further, I want you to know that I understand why P2P (Peer-to-peer) is such a bad thing. In fact I used to be totally against it, for ethical reasons and what not. But over the years I will admit to having used websites like The Pirate Bay, as many other Australian’s have. Lately I have been wondering why so many of us do this, and I realised a major reason why. Australia is getting such a raw deal so often, that many are being driven to download due to no better options. There are many examples of this happening.

This year Australia played a major part in Game of Thrones becoming the most illegally-downloaded show in history. It’s no surprise, due to the fact that the popular drama is only available on a paid Foxtel subscription. After the shows penultimate episode of season three in 2013, all anyone was talking about was the “Red Wedding”, leading to a lot of people who hadn’t seen the show, want to be in on the conversations that were happening every week the day after the show had aired. At that time they were able to watch the first three seasons on dvd. Come to April this year, and the show had a massive increase in a fan base, but anyone who didn’t have Foxtel, had only one other way to see the show, and that was online. People couldn’t even pay to watch the show on iTunes, like they had done during the first three seasons, due to Foxtel wanting the show exclusively with them. The move to make more money, only pushed people, who were happy to pay for episodes on iTunes, to illegally download the show.

Foxtel isn’t the only place where viewers are being treated with contempt. Free to air stations love to tell you how many shows they are fast tracking this year. But only some shows isn’t enough. A major part of the problem is that America, where a lot of the television content that Australian’s consume, runs their TV shows from September/October to May of the year after. In Australia, the networks prefer to have a majority of their best content stacked when we start of our TV season, which is in February. Back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, they could get away with keeping a show to play until Febuary, when it had been playing from September the year before, because nobody knew any better. In this social media age, things have changed, but the practices of TV stations haven’t.

Revenge is a prime example of this. This show is now in its fourth season, and has a decent fan base. But year after year Seven holds onto to it until “after the tennis”. And what do you think has happened. Slowly ratings for the show in Australia has dropped off. Not because people don’t like it anymore, but because they can’t wait five months without potentially seeing a spoiler posted on social media.

Not only do they take forever to show some of my favourite shows, but when they do get around to it, they put it on late at night and are forever changing the time slot, pulling shows whenever they feel like it for something else. Viewers are constantly trying to keep up with networks changing their minds at the last second on the nights line up of shows. Not even EPG’s know whats going on.

So we get it right, television in Australia is a mess, and there is no doubt that it’s a major factor in the large number of downloads. The movie industry is no better. First of all the cost of going to the movies is beyond crazy. Even if you wanted to wait to watch it at home and grab it in the stores, you won’t be doing it cheap. I like to experience movies the best way possible, at the moment that means on Blu-Ray. Even though it’s been reported it cost the same for manufactures to make DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s, every Blu-Ray is around $5 more expensive that DVD’s. If you’re looking to experience the film in 3D in your living room, you will be looking at $50 a film.

Another major problem, just like with TV shows, is movies are still coming to Australian screens months latter. I would really love to know why? When a film in released in the states, it should be shown the next possible Thursday here. Birdman staring Michael Keaton, which already has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz, was released in America mid-October. Australian viewers can pay for an overpriced ticket to see the film on the 15th of January next year. That’s one long wait, if you’re interested in seeing the film. In the mean time you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a torrent online long before January 15th rolls around. That’s not the only film on delay. Disney’s musical-fantasy with an ensemble cast featuring Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick will be shown in cinemas Christmas Day in America, which made me think it would be a perfect film to see on Boxing Day, but nope, we don’t get to see it until Jan 8th. Yes, that is a shorter break that Birdman, but why not just release it on Boxing Day, a day where many families are going to the movies.

So while downloading instead of paying for things is bad for the industry, the industry needs to take a look at its self first, before they start pointing the finger.

Reasons Why U2 Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Okay so everyone knows about how two months ago U2 dumped their album onto everyone’s phone, in an apparent violation of privacy, and on came the enormous amount of hate. Well I’m here to try and let you know they are cooler than you think.

Reason #1 – Influenced many bands you love today – You like Coldplay, The Killers, Oasis, Snow Patrol, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon or 30 Seconds To Mars.? Well they have all been influenced by U2 in one way or another. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is a massive fan, claiming U2 is the only band whose entire back catalog he knows by heart, and telling Rolling Stone that “A Sort Of Homecoming” from The Unforgettable Fire is the first song he played to his unborn baby.

Reason #2 – Product RED – Ever seen a red iPod and found it strange since Apple usually use really bright colours, when this would of been a deep red. That would of been due to it being made in partnership with Product Red. Wikipedia explains Product Red as a licensed brand that seeks to engage the private sector in raising awareness and funds to eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa. Co-founded by U2 frontman Bono, they have partnered with Nike, Apple Inc. Starbucks, and Penguin Classics to raise funds. Earlier this year U2 released a new song during the Superbowl that could be downloaded for free over a twenty four hour period (they didn’t “force” it onto your phone, so nobody was having a major whinge). This was done in partnership with Banks of America who would donate $1 for every download to (RED). In the end $3,138,470 was donated.

Reason #3 – You know more U2 songs than you know – Most will claim to know nothing about U2, because it’s ‘old music’, but if their greatest hits were being played, a lot of young people would recognise the tunes. With Or Without You, One, Beautiful Day, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Vertigo, Where The Streets Have No Names, Sweetest Thing, and City of Blinding Lights. There is eight songs, so many you will all know (and maybe even enjoy), but you will all claim to dislike the band. (more…)

The struggles continue for Network TEN

If Hamish McLennan thinks this year has been a success for Network TEN, he is highly mistaken.

The network reported a net loss of $163.8 for the 12 months to August. While McLennan, the network’s CEO, attempted to put a positive spin on things, saying that they had improved audiences since May, I don’t see falling behind the ABC and coming in fourth place most nights since May as much to be proud of.

A key problem with TEN is their desire to be a place of event television, and while viewers do turn in for finales of Masterchef and The Bachelor, once these programs are done and dusted for the year, people are left to watch constant repeats of Modern Family, or a low rating Jamie Oliver program.

“The strategic planning and scheduling of Family Feud at 6pm has delivered strong ratings and improved audience flow into The Project, which has also grown audience in both half hours” said McLennan. While the game show has improved audience flow into The Project, I would not say that Family Feud has delivered strong ratings at all. Up against the nightly news on both Channel Seven & Nine, nobody expected the show to win the time slot, but putting it on not only TEN, but Eleven and One, didn’t help it gain any respect. The ratings for Family Feud are fine, but not great by any means. If mediocre is what they are gong for, then they are succeeding. The 6PM slot has been a problem for a while now. While they deliver their news an hour before the other two networks, it leaves a hole in the line up between the Ten Eyewitness News and The Project. Once they filled the gap with The Simpsons, which meant many viewers would switch the channel in a heart beat. While I do admit that Feud has seen a retention of audience, I don’t see it as a long term solution.

Speaking of The Project, it’s also boasted in the media release that the show had “recently posted its biggest ever audience ever”. That is true, but the feat was only accomplished with an interview from Blake and Sam from The Bachelor, after all interviews had been previously cancelled between the pair. The next night they had Sam live at the desk, which once again brought in viewers that wouldn’t normally sit through an hour of the show. At the time I joked saying I wonder how they are going to drag this out even more, and what do you know, last night we had another interview with Blake now finally confirming his relationship with third placed Louise. This got the show over the magic million mark again, something they rarely do. Can we expect weekly segments following all those involved in the relationship “drama”? I know Ten are always going to promote their own shows but there comes a time when enough is enough. (As I write this I see that tonight’s show has Sam and Lisa on, and apparently they have a “very different story” than what was told last night. That makes four shows with a focus on The Bachelor over a three week period)

“Some of TEN’s new shows have also produced timeslot growth, including Party Tricks and gold Coast Cops.”

Once again this may be true on paper, but the results of those two shows are nothing flash. While Party Tricks got the tick of approval from critics, with Asher Keddie again a stand out, it didn’t mange to hold on to a steady audience. The premier episode of the six part mini series saw 710,000 viewers tune in, a number that would of pleased those at TEN. Now half way through the series, the third episode pulled only 407,000.

The network’s other home grown drama, Wonderland, is in the same position. Last year when the show kicked of, just under a million watched to see what it was all about. Turns out nothing that special, as the show dropped in viewers week after week. The show retuned after a year off in August to air the back nine episodes of the first season, and then the show rolled seamlessly into the second season, a second season many thought they were lucky to get.

Gold Coast Cops is something new (better than a sitcom repeat?), but it’s not exactly going to be at the top of everyone’s viewing list, as many of these kinds of shows have been done and seen before. The international shows that have been fast tracked like NCIS: NEW Orleans, Scorpion, The Good Wife, Homeland, The Millers, and Madam Secretary, have not made much of an impact either.

It has already been announced that TEN will have two new shows in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here and Shark Tank next year. While they have been hits in the overseas markets, it is going to take more than these shows to save TEN. Ratings this year have shown that viewers are losing interest in reality shows due to the excessive nature of them in Australia.

You can’t blame TEN for the lack of trying. In fact they have been trying hard to turn their situation around for the past few years. But time after time what they thought would be a hit dance or renovation show, is a complete miss. What they need to do is start from scratch, look at what their competitors aren’t doing, and be the difference in the market they once were. They need to become The Entertainment Network again.