Jayden Sheppard is a human, and a proud Melbournian. In 2017 he completed his Diploma of Screen & Media in Radio and TV Production at Holmesglen, and after that he decided to hit the books up again at the Radio Training Institute. Along the way he has also co-hosted SYN 90.7 FM’s flagship breakfast program Get Cereal, where he managed to shoehorn some obscure pop culture reference into the show at every opportunity.

Recently he has created a podcast, “It’s Time To Go”, as an excuse to go back and watch every episode of Big Brother Australia. In his spare time he enjoys knocking down a few too many Tim Tam’s (only after being refrigerated for an appropriate amount of time), and binge watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Jayden’s one tip for the future generation is to always have a copy of Shania Twain’s “Come On Over” album handy. Never know when you may need it!

Upon deeper reflection on his life and the way the world has been in the last twenty-two years, Jayden has come to the conclusion that maybe Kanye was right! Maybe Beyoncé did have the best music video of all time?

… If you would like to hear his views on all things pop culture follow him @_jaydensheppard .


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