This is who is up for the Gold Logie? (And who I would of picked)

Last week the nominees for this years TV Week Logies awards were announced, and like always they were one hot mess.

First of all they were very same old, same old. The five out of the six were nominated for last years Gold. All we did this year was sub in Hamish Blake for Essie Davis.

Looking at the six nominated we have two actors/actress’ (Steve Peacocke and Asher Keddie) and four presenters (Carrie Bickmore, Scott Cam, Hamish Blake, and Andy Lee). I’m all for the top award being a mix of the two but this just felt a bit lop sided. Looking at the nominees for Most Popular Actor and Most Popular Actress, there are so many people that deserve to be recognised for the biggest award.

A major annoyance about the six nominees for Gold is that two of them, Hamish and Scoot, aren’t even nominated for Silver as Most Popular Presenter. How is that so. I always feel that the nominees for Gold should be picked from the fifteen nominees between Presenter, Actor and Actress.

Another thing that makes the Logies to be more of a joke is that Hamish and Andy are nominated when they would of spent a total of six hours on our screens last year. That is nothing when compared to Carrie Bickmore, on The Project four nights a week, and Scott Cam, who is seen and heard every night on The Block, which has two massive seasons a year.

I feel like by having only two from acting categories up for Gold, it will give people that idea that there is no talent left in Australia. Which isn’t true at all.

In case your wondering my picks for the Gold Logie would of been Luke Arnold, Carrie Bickmore, Scott Cam, Asher Keddie, Jessica Marais, and Josh Thomas.


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