Survivor Seasons 9-16 Thoughts

I always wonder how this season would of played out if it wasn’t divided by gender. Some speculate it could of been a young vs old, but a random draw would of been fine. In saying this, I was happy with the contestants who made the merge.

Why isn’t Chris ranked among the top winner more often?

First non-returnees season to have more than sixteen people. Did this need to happen? The cast feels bloated, and then got way worse with twenty people.

The fact that we go from a yellow starting tribe to a Orange merged tribe annoys me. Just as in Thailand going from a Orange starting tribe to a Gold merged tribe.

What if moment: Chris is voted out at final seven tribal.

Player(s) to return: Twila

After a eighteen person season, we now start off with twenty, only to get rid of two people before a tribal council. One of the shows worst moves.

Would of loved to see what could of happened if they merged with twelve people remaining.

Who thought brown was a good tribe colour? Were they fired? As you can tell ,the colour of a tribe means a lot to me.

What if moment: Ian wins at final three, but is stupid enough to take Tom. Who wins?

Player(s) to return: Coby and Ian


Is this the first meh cast? I mean everyone who made the merge was good. Plus Brian and Amy were great, but Morgan? Brianna?

The theme was cool, and the introduction of the Hll was cool, but other than that this season was a bit of a drag.

What if moment: The alliance of six stay together.

Player(s) to return: Rafe, Cindy, Brain, Amy, Jamie, Judd, Gary and Danni. While the season was boring, there were so many interesting people that were overshadowed by Stephenie.

Okay normally schoolyard picks for tribes turn out terrible, but this gave us one of the best tribes ever. CASAYA!

Terry is one that you either love or hate. I’m pretty in between on him, but felt he was a terrible player, and was way to domineering, when he was in the minority.

I don’t know why everyone hates Aras as a winner. He did well. Sure it would of been nice for Cirie to win, but this is Survivor, how often does the most popular, or the most skilled strategically win?

What if moment: Don’t even want to think about any.

Player(s) to return: SHANE POWERS, but I fear they have left it to late. Also if any player should come back four times, it s Cirie.

I didn’t mind the racial twist for the fact that it built bonds between the four tribes and then split them up, something that didn’t seam to happen the season before.

Penner totally saves this season from being unbearable.

I wish the Final three was a one off used for this season and a few random ones down the road. It gave us the ultimate brains vs brawn in Ozzy v Yul, but the final two is so much better.

What if moment: Penner and Candice don’t jump ship.

Player to return: Nobody. This cast has had four players return. The only season to have more is Australia.

They really didn’t think about how the have vs have nots would work did they. Totally domination from one tribe.

The season really kicks into gear after the merge. Every tribal is memorable. The merge twist that sees Michelle leave. Alex playing the idol and Edgardo going. Alex voting for Mookie to save himself. Alex the last horseman going after being so close to immunity. Stacey going after the car deal and Yau’s idol play. Yau winning immunity and Boo going and finally Yau going after Dreamz didn’t give him immunity.

Player(s) to return: Earl and Yau-Man for a third time.

One of the shows best locations and best casts.

Exciting watch the first time. Not so much afterward when you know what will happen and it’s just a Pagong with the blindsides of Jean-Robert and James in the middle.

What if moment: James plays his idol. Tied vote between Todd and Peih-Gee. Peih-Gee goes home. If Erik voted for Todd the first time he would of went.

Player(s) to return: Todd, Jean-Robert, Peih-Gee, and i’m going to get hate for this but one day I hope to see Amanda play again.

How was it that Parvati runs the game with Cirie and Parvati was the least deserving to be there?

Some people don’t love the constant blindsides, and not enough focus on the people, but Parvati really put down the blue print on how to win the game in a aggressive manner as opposed to a under the radar game.

Player to return: Natalie


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