If I had to think about the possible hardest moment of my short life so far, it would have to be around this time last year, waking up to the text of my final school results.

I knew that my ATAR wasn’t going to be pretty, and I told myself that I didn’t care, and that I was going to be fine, but seeing the number was painful. I think it was something like a 37.55.

Look it only took a day or so to get over it, and move on (and I have most definitely moved on), but it was a full day of people asking, me not wanting anyone to know, and figuring out what my next move is.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, seeing the score. There is nothing you can do to change it, but a lot of people are left to wonder how they will now go about the following year. And everyone’s situation is different, which makes it even worse when you didn’t go as well as you thought, and everyone else is celebrating.



“Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth.”

Does it make anyone uncomfortable seeing a sixty year old interviewing 5 Seconds Of Summer and trying to act young and hip to fit it. Just No!

I understand you are “experienced” in what you do, but there comes a time when you just aren’t suited anymore.

And there is more than one that is holding on. Holding on while they can, while someone with more of grasp on the year 2014 is waiting in the shadows.

Vulture Street

I remember hearing someone saying Fleetwood Mac was the most overrated band in the world. My thought was “who gave you the right to have that opinion”. Even though I thought they were one of the best bands in the world, and still do, I realise that he did have a right to his opinion.

In this twitter age that we live in, it has become more accessible to not only put your opinion out there, but have a screen to hide behind, leading to a overly critical feel to all things pop culture.

Now although I do look into a lot of things, and yes I do tweet along to some television shows, I try to stay away from being too negative. It takes something of really bad quality to get me so dissatisfied and to put a tweet out there. Adam Sandler’s ‘Jack & Jill’ comes to mind in this instance. He is lucky I was on a plane and wasn’t able to tweet anything. In the end I won, by stopping the film thirty minutes in.

A show that everyone has been critical of lately is Saturday Night Live. Sure maybe the show hasn’t been to a standard it has been to in the past, but looking back there have been lot’s of points in the shows forty year run, when everyone was saying the magic was gone, only for the show to come back stronger than ever. Is tweeting out week after week that the current cast and crew of SNL are sucking going to help them achieve anything great? Nope, most likely will only make them feel worse about their performance, when they are already under a huge amount of stress doing a show live week after week. So maybe next time while you’re watching the show, and you’re not enjoying it, turn off the television, instead of tweeting, and then come back in two years. Because I’m sure by then, we will have some massive stars on our hand, and the praise will be flowing in for how good the show is again.