I Still Haven’t Found


“Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth.”

Does it make anyone uncomfortable seeing a sixty year old interviewing 5 Seconds Of Summer and trying to act young and hip to fit it. Just No!

I understand you are “experienced” in what you do, but there comes a time when you just aren’t suited anymore.

And there is more than one that is holding on. Holding on while they can, while someone with more of grasp on the year 2014 is waiting in the shadows.


there was a time I was down, down, I didn’t know what to do / I was just stumbling around, around, thinking things could not improve / I couldn’t look on the bright side, of anything at all / that’s when you gave me the call / Now I feel better, better, better than before – Gotye 2011

this will be the true re-start. I know I’ve said and thought that a million times, but I’m ready.

i’m ready / i’m ready for the laughing gas / I’m ready / i’m ready for what’s next – U2 1991

and even though I won’t know how things in 2015 will roll until the end of it’s first month, I down for everything that can happen.