The Calm Before

These last days have been pretty uneventful. It’s been a mix of sitting around planning to accomplish things while not doing them, and watching Parks and Recreation while eating ice cream. Watching Parks and Rec has done me a favour though. It has given me the perfect quote. If only in Australia we did yearbook quotes, cause this line muttered by Chris Pratt, might of been mine. “My life is a giant mess, and I love it”.

I’ve put my iTunes on shuffle an hour or two ago. I haven’t been able to find an album that I really wanted to listen to, so I changed things up. It’s been strange listening to songs I have had on my iPod for ages, but had never listened to them. I guess that’s what happens when you download every Elton John album.

This time next week I will be preparing to leave Australia for a month. Something I have been preparing for so long has finally arrived, and the next week will go so slow. I think that’s why I’ve been so un-motivated the last two days. I’m so close to being on holidays, but I’m not yet. And since I feel this whole year has been leading up to this, I just need to finish this, to move on. Now I’m 100% super excited to be going away, but I think once I get back it will start a new chapter for me. Graduating at the end of November last year started this new chapter, and my holiday will close it. So I’ve decided to regard the last nine months as the “Dodgy Holiday”. My dodgy holiday will continue, just in different ways.


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