An Open Letter to Carrie Bickmore

Dear Carrie,

I’m sorry that once again you walk away from the TV Week Logies Awards empty handed. I’m sure you’re not majorly disappointed that you have gone zero from six in the past three years, as you have said before doing TV was never your end goal and the Logies can be seen as a bit of a joke to many, but it would still be nice for you to be recognised as the amazing talented woman that you are.

People scoffed three years ago when, what others put as, a “news reader” was being nominated for our highest television award. Well if we can have a tradie who host’s a reality show win it, why can’t people vote for you.

To me you are more than just a “news reader”. You’re the person who is welcomed into my house whether it be at 6.00 PM, 6.30 PM, or 7.00 PM. I don’t see how, after three years in a row of being nominated, you haven’t won the top award, because you have such a warmth about you, that you have created a deep connection with The Project viewers (no matter how small that audience may be).

The way in which you are so open on the show is amazing. Not many on live television who fall over would want to get back up from sheer embarrassment, but when you fell over, the only reason you couldn’t get back up was due to your uncontrollable laughter at what had just happened. Many make jokes about you showing emotion, and the amount of times you have cried on screen. I only see that of a strength of yours. You have been through a lot in recent years, and your honesty and showing of emotions proves to everyone you’re not a robot who sits behind a desk and talks about the news.

I have no doubt you will be nominated for the Gold Logie again next year, I only hope everyone can see what I see, and you will be seen as Australia’s Most Popular Personality.




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