What to watch: Orphan Black

As summer draws upon those in the United States, everyone’s favourite television shows will be coming to a close for another season. As much as we complain about how there is too much television to watch in one week, come summer, when you are all caught up on every Chuck Lorre show, there won’t be many options to pick from in your tv guide. Which means summer becomes a time to discover new shows, and some hidden gems that you haven’t had the time to binge watch.

One show that I recommend to check out if you already hadn’t is Orphan Black. This sci-fi action drama can get so confusing at times, that I wonder if even the writers know whats going on. No matter how many questions you have at the end of each episode, keep with the show. The one thing I’m sure of is how outstanding the acting is. In a show about the creation of clones, Tatiana Maslany manages to perfectly play them all, and switches accents from scene to scene. Along with the relatively unknown Maslany, is Jordan Gavaris who plays Felix, foster brother to Sarah Manning, the first clone we meet and the shows central character. Gavaris manages to bring some humor to the show, all while putting on a very convincing English accent. With the first season being only ten episodes long, and the show only three episodes into the current sophomore season, I managed to binge watch and catch up over three days.


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