Logies 2014 – My picks

Another year, another Logies award night. Filled with far to many musical acts, and international guest who have no clue whats going on, being it the 56th annual night, it looks like they will be with us for a long time more. Here I look at seven of the most popular categories, and determine who I think should win, and who will most likely win, seeing that the Logies are a popularity contest based on the opinion of TV Weeks readers.

Should Win: The Project – Slammed by critics at first, and thought of by viewers as a show that would be off the air within weeks, The Project has become the little show that did over the past six years, and has often gotten minimal recognition for it. While it has seen a major change over the past five months, the show is still one of Network Ten’s best performers.

Will Win: Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia – The lovable radio duo have a massive twitter following, who will be the kind of people to vote for the awards. While The Voice took home this award last year, I can’t see this one slipping away from the boys.

Should Win: Caren Pistorius – Her inclusion to the cast of Offspring, currently one of Australia’s better drama, was a welcome addition. Also is nominated for her work on Redfern Now and Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, so for someone seen as a new talent, she has had a very busy year.

Will Win: Johnny Ruffo – The former reality tv star turned “actor” is part of Home & Away, full of tween/teen viewers, and is also a young male, this category was made for people like him.

Should Win: Offspring – While it has been nominated in this category for the past three years, it has failed each time to win, being beaten by Packed to the Rafters and House Husband. The cast of Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart, Eddie Perfect, Matthew Le Nevez, and Lachy Hulme are able to create a kind of show that has both warmth and humor, and keeps the audience coming back for more every year.

Will Win: Offspring – See above

Should Win: Carrie Bickmore – Appears of television every week of the year, while is also the mother to a seven year old. She really is the most deserving winner of a award for presenting, out of the five nominees.

Will Win: Carrie Bickmore – Will be very disappointed if someone like Scott Cam or Hamish/Andy end up winning this.

Should Win: Matthew Le Nevez – Part of Offspring’s fantastic ensemble cast, and was Nina’s boyfriend for the past three seasons, in the relationship that really drove the show. Not to mention the impact of his death last year.

Will Win: Steve Peacock – Took out this award last year, beating out many other deserving actors. Don’t see what would change voters minds over the past year.

Should Win: Asher Keddie – Very talent actress, who won last year (and also won in 2011 & 2012). I would not be able to name another Australian actress that could pull of the character that is Nina Proudman, like she can.

Will Win: Asher Keddie – See Above

Should Win: Carrie Bickmore – When I look at what this award is really about, the most popular personality, I really think Carrie is the standout of the bunch, not to take anything away from the work the others have done in the past year. While many would argue that we shouldn’t be giving out our highest award, to a news reader, I disagree. Carrie is with us, every night of the week, every week of the year. Many others in her position, would of gone about her job, and accomplished it to the standard required. But Carrie has something about her. Her personality, and her openness with not only the joys she has had in life, but the heartbreaks as well, has created a strong bond with viewers. While many made jokes about the amount of times she has gotten emotional or cried on camera, I think this shows she isn’t a robot while presenting the days news.

Will Win: Either Carrie Bickmore or Asher Keddie, and would be very happy with either.


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