the fame

The rise & fall & rise of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga becomes a world wide pop sensation just as I begin my ascent into being pop culture obsessed teen. In fact the first issue of Rolling Stone I ever brought was Gaga’s first cover issue, were she stripped down to nothing, wearing a now famous see through bubble dress with some of the bubbles being conveniently placed. This is 2009 when Gaga would take the crown of biggest pop star in the world (if critics had any doubts after The Fame in 2008, they were proven wrong with her follow up, The Fame Monster, which yields the hit single ‘Bad Romance’). Come 2014 things couldn’t be more different. Names like Grande, Azalea, Perry, Swift, and Minaj are among the group of females dominating the music charts, and while Gaga is also dominating the charts, having just scored her second Billboard number one album in a twelve month period, she is nowhere near being apart of that group. Somewhere along the way something changed. Gaga discovered you really can have both the fame and love (the love I’m talking about here is her music), the theme of her debut album, but the fame would have to be different to the kind she got used to back in 2009.