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I’m A Celebrity AU Week 1 RECAP

Even though I spent the whole first month of the year watching ads for a cooking show that will air “after the tennis”, I decided to change channels and check out the celebs in the South African jungle. Now like always we should be aware that the term celebrity is kept pretty loose with he show. Nobody should be expecting Charlie Sheen as the US Sitcom star, but I think everyone, myself included, expected more than someone who described themselves as a “brand ambassador”.

With that said, I think this year is the best collection of celebs yet. Sure half of them have already done other reality tv shows, but this bunch are full of joy and always trying to have some fun, which makes the show ten times better than a group that sits around and complains about everything. I’m looking at you Tom Arnold.


Literally Tom Arnold every five minutes.



I’m A Celeb AU NOTES – Week 3 & 4

Not so much a recap, more of a look back with short notes.

-Andrew/Anna tucker trail fail
-Mongoose? Really!?
-Barry & Andrew with the new cooking rules. Are they losing there mind out there?
-Laura and Tim booted. My reaction: Meh.
-Laura has most energy seen in two weeks
-Anna cries…a lot.
-Freddie and Julie enter. Intruders that will change things up unlike other two
-Joel’s lux item is a picture of Harry Styles. It should be a picture of Harry and Louis together.
-Barry and Joel is on of hardest TT yet and only get 2 stars. Down to the level of Laura Dundovic.
-Joel to Merv “Merv, I speak for all of camp with confidence when I say, shut the fuck up”
-Later Merv says “No one has told me to pull my head in, so I will keep pressing those buttons”
-Merv on TT
-Gets 11 stars. Is he really shaken or just wanting attention
-Joel cooking with Julie. “It’s like someone who likes tennis getting to play with Serena Williams”.
-Beetroot and croc – its Julie V Lauren
-Andrews birthday
-Lauren makes it awkward of course
-Group challenge Yes. Wrong team wins No
-Goodbye Lauren. You will be missed by no one.
-Andrew gets his chance to shine in his big TT
-Merv takes it to far. AGAIN.
-Freddie gets weird with Chris
-Charlie’s Angles!
-Barry wants to knock Freddie out. RE: Bed situation
-Julie cries over salt
-Charlie’s Angles plus one?

I’m A Celeb AU RECAP – Episode 10

We have reached a mini milestone of sorts. This is the shows 10th episode, but there is no time for celebrating, as we almost get straight into the tucker trail. In another hard challenge, Tyson walked away with five stars, which the group was fine with, since he gave it his all, but he was guttered. It’s really hard for the ones back at camp, because they can’t see what that persons just been through.

Back at camp it’s Lauren V Merv Round 2. When trying to tell a riddle, Merv cuts in halfway through with the answer. Sure it would be annoying but move on right? Nope. Lauren tries to tell it again, and when Andrew gives the same answer as Merv, she loses it. He didn’t say it, but I’m sure he was thinking something like this:



I’m A Celeb AU RECAP – Episode 8 & 9

Back in for another episode, and it looks like the Celeb’s are still bitter betty’s about Tim and Anna getting the advantage of having a loved one with them. You know what I would say to that? Your partners aren’t celebrities, so they wouldn’t be invited even if you wanted them here. HA!

More workout footage is shown were Andrew address’ why Merv and himself are lifting rocks, while Tim and Tyson do strange upside down yoga. This is known as the Big Boys Vs Little Boys clubs.

While Andrew isn’t doing his mild workout routine, he is right into craft club, which sounds like it started as a joke, only to become useful for the group. Those chop sticks would go down well at a craft market. New career move for Daddo?


I’m A Celeb AU RECAP – Episode 6 & 7

In the sixth installment of I’m A Celeb…Chrissie and Maureen worked harder that Laura did in the tucker trail (two out of ten stars), only to get ten pieces of chocolate, and in a shock exit Leisel Jones was the first two leave the jungle.

The next episode Joel and Lauren aren’t too happy that Leisel had to go over some less worth contestants *cough* Laura *cough*

Speaking off Laura, she knows she’s next, and Joel doesn’t even try to hard to convince her otherwise.

Today is Barry’s Birthday which is exciting for the celeb’s when they have nothing else to look forward to. they probably care more about the ice-cream cake then him.

And then we are introduced to our intruders. Tim and Anna for the first Australian Bachelor (not the one with Blake the flake), who do an amazing job to get eleven stars for the group. When the arrive, they don’t get the reception I was expecting, a few cold shoulders were given about the being a pair, but knowing they would be eating well because of them smoothed things over.

The war for 7.30: Reality rivals go head to head

Every year the three major networks bring out the big guns early to go and get the lead on the competition. For the past few years, Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules has been unstoppable, and this year has been no different. The past three nights MKR has had bigger ratings than The Block (on Channel Nine) and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here (Network Ten) combined. It is well noted though that MKR’s viewership drops off once the home restaurant rounds are over, meaning viewers could head over to Ten’s I’m A Celeb, giving them the ratings winner the truly need.

Celeb started out well on Sunday night when it was up against sport on opposing stations. The premiere and big reveal of celeb’s pulled 1.2 million, but has dropped every night since rating 0.75 on Monday, 0.68 on Tuesday and 0.58 last night. While they have been dropping fast, they haven’t been far behind The Block each night, so if you can’t get gold, try for silver?

The Block which premiered the week before to try and hold onto viewers, has had low numbers, even in the week with MKR not on. Monday night only 0.8 tune in, Tuesday 0.73, and Wednesday 0.68. Much lower than what the show used to do when not going head to head with MKR.

MKR has pulled in over a million in each of its first three nights. 1.59 million on Monday, 1.4 on Tuesday, and last night they saw better ratings than the premier 1.67 million watching.

Can Celeb and The Block gain some viewers, or will MKR steamroll to another rating victory once again this year?

I’m A Celeb AU RECAP – Episode 1

After weeks of speculation, tonight the Celebrities were finally revealed. Some we had guessed, and others came out of nowhere. In the end we have on the first season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here Australia is radio personality and former Big Brother contestant Chrissie Swan, cricket legend Merv Hughes, comedian and already fan favourite Joel Creasey, Aussie footballer Barry Hall, TV star who was also my favourite author as a kid Andrew Daddo, Olympic swimmer Leisel Jones, ex Hi-5 star Lauren Brandt, travel blogger and model Tyson Mayr (who will make some good eye candy), Miss Australia Laura Dundovic, and Marcia Brady herself, Maureen McCormick.


Before you know it they are changing into jungle attire (it was best for Laura to ditch the heels) and getting an animal lesson. Maureen is freaking out at a small insect. My thought was, that’s okay, we are all allowed one weakness, but it turns out for her this won’t be the last. Barry announces he hates snakes. What’s the chances Barry will have a challenge down the line involving a snake. Very likely.



NEW I’m A Celeb Australia Promo

Network Ten have started advertising for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here which will air live five nights a week next year. The series will see ten celebs go into the African jungle. The series has seen success in the UK, so Ten will be hoping to see the same thing happen with their version. One thing is for sure, you can’t knock them for not trying when they are doing five live shows from South Africa a week, with many complaining about the lack of live content during this years Big Brother.

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4NimAQd1I8