Lonely Town

I’ve been working overtime
And I can’t get you off my mind

It’s a Sunday and in a attempt to amuse myself I’ve gone shopping. There is a photo taken of Aziz Ansari walking with a large clear umbrella, and holding a ice cream cone with three scoops in the other. All eyes are on him. He has the attention, but nobody to share the ice cream with. I feel like him right now, although the attention isn’t on me. I feel like it is though. There is something sad about seeing someone shopping alone, even though I know it more practical. I am carrying my bag of purchases in one hand, and I have my phone in the other. Holding my phone is very Jeff Winger of me. I hold it as though I’m seconds away from getting an important call. I’m not though.

I always thought things would change
but they never did

Another kid in Lonely Town

Nobody likes you…
Everyone left you…
They’re all out without you…
Having fun…

When I was a kid I knew I never wanted to be an actor because of the uncertainty that comes with the job. How did I become a struggling “content creator”. That term is a laugh in itself. Is that just a made up term for people that are making money while not really doing anything? Am I being to shady now? Probably. The shade is coming from the frustration. I’m busking every day and getting thrown ten cent pieces.

She takes just like a woman.
She makes love just like a woman.
And then she aches just like a woman.
But she breaks just like a little girl.

Today the world was introduced to Caitlyn Jenner. The photo’s were amazing, but I think Laverne Cox said it best. We should focus on her inner beauty, and how her true shelf can finally be released.



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