My White/Blue/No collar Survivor cast


As do many other Survivor fans, I enjoy making together my own all star cast lists. With the up coming season having a tribe divide of White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar, I put together a season of returnees with this theme.

Yul Kwon (13)
Marty Piombo (21)
Andrew Savage (7)
Eliza Orlins (9 & 16)
Kass McQuillen (28)
Corinne Kaplan (17 & 26)

Tony Vlachos (28)
Matty Whitmore (17)
“Big Tom” Buchanan (3 & 8)
Twila Tanner (9)
Amy O’Hara (11)
Erinn Lobdell (18)

Lex van den Berghe (3 & 8)
Shane Powers (12)
“Troyzan” Robertson (24)
Courtney Yates (15 & 20)
Abi-Maria Gomes (25)
Jerri Manthey (2 & 8 & 20)

I feel like this is a good mix of contestants, picked from a lot of different seasons, with many of these people who have never been back on the show. In the pre-swap/pre tribe dissolve, the Blue Collar will be able to work together the best, the No Collar tribe will be a total disaster, and the White Collar tribe is had to pick. If the women can get along then all will go well, but I don’t think a mix of Eliza, Kass, and Corinne would never go well, could it?

Survivor: Worlds Apart premiers Feb 25, and I will have my cast assessment up next week.



  1. omgggg i would love to watch this season for the sole purpose of seeing the no collar tribe TRY to function!!! Great call on all 3 tribes, that’d be a very fun season

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