I Started watching this crazy show called Parks and Recreation this year. At first I didn’t know what to think about it. Was it really funny, or did I just want to feel that way because its lead star is a former SNL cast member. By the end of the second season, which I might not of brought at all if the first one wasn’t so short, I knew for sure it was funny. So I began to quickly burn through the episodes to catch up to where the show currently is at. By binge watching the show, I very much fell into the world of the characters.

Earlier this year when Robin Williams died, I had a friend, who like many enjoyed Williams talent as an entertainer, say that he was saddened by the actors death, and how he didn’t realise how you could feel that way for someone you had never met. But this holds true for fictional characters as well, though to a lesser degree. I mean who wouldn’t be emotional when Andy and April got married after three weeks of dating.

What I want to say is yes real life stuff is important, but the life of the people on screen, and the people behind the characters, can be just as important for some of us.


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