take your head out of the mud baby

Currently listening to Viva La Vida Or Death And All Of His Friends by Coldplay. Formally known as Viva La Vida, but to sound as pretentious as possible I use the full title most of the time. I’m about half way through track four, “42”. I say half way, but it is hard to tell without looking on iTunes, as this is a crazy song with no chorus. Instead the song has three distinctive parts. It would of made a much better single that “Strawberry Swing”.

Today I was constantly stopping and starting music, trying to find a new album to listen to. I was in need of something new, but I ended up here, with something much familiar. I stuck with it because it was upbeat. December has always been an upbeat time, I think knowing that school would be over for a little while was a major reason. The warm weather is also a factor.

The albums now up to track seven. I kind of went back to twitter in between that paragraph. “Viva La Vida” (the song not the album) is such a sucky song for me because it was overplayed a lot on radio, in a time when I listened to radio a lot more than I do today.

What have I even written? I spent the last 200 words talking about Coldplay. Why? I’m not sure. I felt like I had done nothing with my day, so I thought if I wrote something, it might be better than nothing. I’ve been doing a lot of nothing lately. I think soon I will be doing more.


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