My journey to somewhere other than where I am right now, has been going painfully slow since I returned from New York. I think some people won’t be able to grasp what Taylor is talking about on the opening track of 1989. I came back with so much desire and commitment to make dreams come true. The desire is still there but I don’t know what to do with myself at the moment. I’m not sure if I just need to find something to do that I love, or is it me being here that is driving me crazy. Maybe I can’t succeed in Melbourne.

I’ve now seen that Andy Cohen (whose twitter account is @Andy, how cool is that) is releasing a second book. I’ve never finished his first, but I must order this one online sometime, as Australian book stores have the most minimalistic range of products, and Barnes and Nobel is not a thing here. While I was on Andy Cohen’s wikipedia page, I somehow stumbled to the entry for the GE BUilding, which is getting a name change to the Comcast Building. Are they crazy. Nobody loves change. My need for Andy Cohen’s book is due to my obsession of autobiographies lately. In this last month I have brought books by Stephen Fry, Lenny Hayes, Joe Hildebrand, Amy Poehler, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Adam Boland. I thought they would inspire me. Ha. I think its done the opposite.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being to hard on myself. Other times I feel like I’m not being hard enough on myself. It’s strange how the mind works.


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