Something To Fear

Last week I was asked who I was flying with for my overseas trip, that is now only a month away. I knew where this was heading straight off the bat. I answered saying not with Malaysia Airlines. I the added by saying all planes are safe, which isn’t entirely true, but you have to think this way.

On my first overseas trip to Bali, when I was nine, we went to a restaurant which I think was called Bali Aussie. This trip took place between the two bombings in Bali. At the restaurant all the staff wore black t-shirts, with a quote in white lettering on the back. This being a effective colour scheme caught my eye. The quote was: “A life lived in fear, is a life half lived”. Which is absolutely true, and was powerful knowing what the country and other tourists had been through a few years earlier.

So as many terrible things happen in the sky, and unfortunately they may continue to happen, I will continue to fly on planes.


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