Survivor Seasons 1-8 Thoughts

Over the past six months I have been re-watching the first eight seasons of Survivor. Many consider these seasons to be part of the glory days, when the show was at its peek of popularity. I wanted to put some thoughts together about certain aspects of the show, and its evolution, so here it is.

The Pagong tribe was a mess from the start. All over the place. Even though Gretchen was a great leader, she didn’t have much of a team to lead. B.B. wouldn’t listen to anyone. Ramona was sick, or just wouldn’t eat the food, and couldn’t do much. Gervase thought he could win the whole game by playing cards with people. Jenna was crazy, and Colleen and Greg were always going off on island dating adventures. No wonder they messed up the merge vote.

People may complain about Borneo from a production point of view, but the challenges were good for a show with a summer budget in the first year of the millennium. Yeah, simple, but at least it wasn’t swimming for puzzle pieces every week. And some of these challenges set the basis for what the show would become over the next four years.

Dr. Sean was smarter than you think. The alphabet strategy meant that he would vote for all of the Pagong tribe, before having to write a former Tagi’s name down.

What if moment: Pagong don’t lose the Immunity before merge, and goes in 6-4.

Player that should return: Richard

This is still to this day on the shows best casts. Even the first two to go, Debb and Kel, were memorable.

It only made me hate the Kucha’s more whenever they brought up how they would of been in power if Mike didn’t fall into the fire, but there was a 50-50 chance Ogakor might of won, and I sense Mike would of been voted out anyway if it had to come to it.

Can we all take a moment to think about the moment Colby dumped Jerri on her ass in the reward challenge. And can we just remember how funny the guy was. All they say is five immunities in a row, or how he had a great bod(as Jerri put it), but he was always cracking me up. Hersey bar. Ha!

What if moment: Kimmi didn’t reveal Jeff got a vote at their first tribal.

Players that should return: Jeff and Alicia.

At first your like 39 days in Kenya, this is different, until you realise it’s a bit too different. The dry inland location meant they did nothing all day, and it got boring for them and us both. All of this wasn’t helped by the fear of getting attacked by an animal.

Even thought Boran couldn’t win the first few challenges, Samburu was the biggest shit storm we had ever seen, and is still one of the worst tribes to this day. They might of well split Samburu into two smaller tribes, the divide was so bad.

What if moments: There isn’t the switch
Silas sides with the older group on Day 9.

Players that should return: Silas and Kelly

I’m glad that unfortunate events lead the show back to a island location (this time in the Pacific), and not to Jordan.

We should all be thankful that Maraamu sucked, other wise Kathy never would of made it anywhere near the merge.

The fall of John Carroll and the Rotu 4, is still one of the most satisfying events on Survivor to this day.

What if moment: Sarah is voted out instead of Hunter.

Players that should return: John, Sean, and Vecepia.

Having Jan and Jake choose the tribes as the oldest was a massive risk. Wonder how things would of turned out if picked by producers.

Fake merge was anti-climatic, and confusing at first for viewers.

What if moment: Ted and Helen had a brain and got rid of Clay or Brian when they had a chance.

Player that should return: Shii-Ann

Battle of the Sexes – a twist that worked(maybe not how the producers would of liked) and didn’t feel forced at all.

Glad everyone who went pre-merge was boring, and that left so many big players post merge like Rodger, Deena, Alex, Heidi, Matt, and of course Rob.

Rob C really changed the show. Don’t know how much further the show would of gotten with people playing like they did in seasons 1-5.

What if moment: Rob went with Deena’s plan to boot Alex at final 8?

Players that should return: Deena and Rob

People still complain about the Outcasts twist, but it made the merge way more interesting.

The cast really came to play, with contestants now realizing there is no point being 4th or 5th in an alliance.

This season had three of the most memorable castaways in the shows history in Sandra, Jon, and Rupert.

What if moment: Rupert, Sandra and Christa form a final six alliance with Ryno, Tee, and Darrah at final 9.

Player that should return: Sandra

What at first sounds like the greatest thing ever gets flipped on its head when Tina, Rudy, and Rob C are the first three boots of the season.

I don’t know what else to say about this season. I feel like whenever I watch it, I either really enjoy it or really hate it.

What if moment: Lex isn’t a ego-manic and keeps Colby and Ethan instead of Jerri and Shii-Ann.


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