My 2014-15 TV Schedule

Okay, let’s imagine I had time every night to sit and watch as much television as possible. And imagine that I actually lived in America (one can dream). Well this is what my week would look like.

08.00 – The Simpsons (FOX)
08.30 – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)
09.00 – Resurrection (ABC)
10.00 – Revenge (ABC)

08.00 – Gotham (FOX)
DVR – The Voice (NBC)

08.00 – The Flash (CW)
09.00 – New Girl (FOX)
10.00 – Forever (ABC)
DVR – The Voice (NBC)

08.00 – Survivor (CBS)
09.00 – Modern Family (ABC)
DVR – Arrow (CW)

08.00 – The Biggest Loser (NBC)
10.00 – Parenthood (NBC)

08.00 – Amazing Race (CBS)

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