My 2014 Emmy nomination reactions

10:38 (AEST) – I’ve seen a million entertainment sites tweeting about how we’re about to start. when is it really happening y’all.

10:42 – Okay seams legit now. Crosses fingers for Peter Dinklage, Tatiana Maslany, and Melissa McBride.

10:43 – Outstanding Actor in a Drama. Tough category, but you would think Cranston to take it home for the final time for his portrayal of Walter White.

10:44 – Outstanding Actress in a Drama. Maslany snubbed. Dalton Ross is just as unhappy.

10:45 – Outstanding Actor in a Comedy. Just remember that we can do better than Jim Parsons, as much as I love him though.

10:46 – Outstanding Actress in a Comedy. Dunham, Falco, Dreyfus, McCarthey, Poehler, Schling. All deserving, but if Parsons can get a nomination, why can’t Kat Dennings.

10:47 – TV Miniseries. Coven yeah?

10:47 – Outstanding Comedy. OITNB is insane popular, but Louie or Veep will bring in the votes.

10:48 – Outstanding Drama. Wants GoT. Knows dreams will be shattered and will be either Breaking Bad (final year) or True Detective.

10:49 – The twitter folk aren’t happy about The Good Wife snub.

10:50 – My beloved Survivor gets no love. Basically started the reality tv fad, and is still going strong, but no recognition. Somehow The Amazing Race does.

10:52 – Not even in his final year can Jay Leno get a nomination. Says it all.

10:53 – I’m still not sure how Tatiana didn’t get a nom. She only plays even character on her show.

11:00 – Supporting Actress in a Drama. Fuck yeah! Lena Headey! Also yay for Maggie Smith cause of HP.

11:01 – Supporting Actor in a Drama. Yeah for Peter. Deserves it all.

11:02 – Can we can another Modern Family double between Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julie Bowen, especially since Jesse has been up four times now and hasn’t won, while other males co-stars have.

11:08 – I think that’s it. Maybe next year Orphan Black fans, maybe next year.


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