This Sorrowful Life

Over the past couple of months while catching up with friends from my past, I’ve been asked one same question multiple times:

“Don’t you get bored”

The answer is no. How could I be. While I’ve been trying some things out this year (vlogging, writing and podcasting) to see if I have a future at all, I simply enjoy some of the days being engrossed in pop culture. So for the people wondering, here are a few things that have kept me sane:

-Discovered the X-Men films (only took me fourteen years) and decided once and for all that I am team Marvel, not DC.

-Finally finished reading A Game Of Thrones. (RIP Ned)

-Was able to spend so much time watching my beloved Survivor, and got more involved in the fandom.

-Read more often. I know that’s a pretty simple one, but you can learn from reading right? I learn’t a lot from Twitter for Dummies, that’s how I have 700 twitter followers. Not really, I mean I DO have 700 twitter followers (bragging much), but I do feel sorry for anyone who paid money for a book like that.

-Attempted to be a sporty spice. Does Wii Fit count as exercise? 


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