Too Far Gone

At first it sounded crazy. Send out a tweet (which those who don’t have twitter would think of as a status update), but you can can only use 140 characters. I used to struggle with it, purposely making grammatical errors, just to fit what I wanted to say into one tweet. These days I have the same problem, but I have also uncounted another.

I have become so used to writing in tiny portions, I am finding it increasingly harder to write anything more. Both Annie Barrett, formerly from Entertainment Weekly, and Carina Adly Mackenzie, formerly from Zap2It, have noted they also can struggle to write anything longer than a tweet on their respective new sites.

Many who use twitter don’t even write in full sentences, instead opting to post a short statement, made up of as few words as possible. When watching television shows, many will tweet along their reaction with a handful of words per tweet. Even I struggle when recapping Survivor, to pass one thousand words, and it’s all due to twitter. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to write in a longer format more often. And not just focusing on pop culture. When ever I feel the need to put out a series of tweets, I will try my best to expand them here.


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