Where is The Walking Dead heading?

Two weeks away from this seasons finale “A”, there is still a lot that can happen to our struggling group of zombie apocalypse survivors. The block of back eight episodes have been interesting, in the fact that the writers, really took a chance and kept everyone separated for more than one episode. What I’ve liked even more, is the leap of faith the writers took in hope that the fans would be okay with many of these episodes featuring only one story, for the entire forty-two minutes. The mid season premier, “After”, showed both Rick and Carl, and Michonne, struggling after the events in “Too Far Gone”, but by the end of the episode, Michonne had found the Grimes, and two plots collided into one. The following week during “Inmates”, we discovered where the rest of the survivors were at and followed four different plots; Glenn and Tara (soon joined by Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita), Tyreese and Carol, Beth and Daryl, and Maggie, Sasha and Bob. While the episode offered an update on everyone, it was all too much to be crammed into one week. So in the weeks after we have been treated to “Still”, and “The Grove”.

“Still” followed Beth and Daryl. Not only was it an extraordinary venture to show only two characters for the week, but it was the first time the show had had an episode with no one featured in the comic books. It showed that Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead’s third show runner, was true to his word when he wanted to take some things directly out of the comic, but also keep fans of both the comic and the television show on their toe’s. This followed “After”, which took what happened with Carl and Rick straight out of the book.

Now this weeks episode went along a little differently. “The Grove” saw the deaths of Mika, due to Lizzie’s mental instability, and Lizzie, who is killed by Carol, as she was a risk to others safety. The Walking Dead once again went to a dark place, and it was exciting. This story was also taken from the book, but involved Carl and two other young boys. So in a way they remixed a plot into a different time of the storyline.

Even though these episodes that follow less characters have added a heap of character development, it has been hard to not see Rick for three episodes straight. All this leaves me wondering where the end of the season will lead season five onto. I can only assume everyone will be back together by the season finale, but where are they heading. Will we see more of the men with Daryl, and are they The Hunters? Is the terminus a false hope for the group, or is it the Alexandra Safe Zone from the comics? The name of the last episode makes me think this, seeing as it is titled “A”, but I thought the show would of spent a longer time on the road, before settling down at a new safe place. And how will the group’s dynamics change with the additions of people like Abraham and Tara, who was part of the assault on the prison? With only two episodes left, I’m hoping some of these questions will be answered.


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