It’s been a long nine years for Ted Mosby & Co.

With How I Met Your Mother wrapping up for good in three weeks, now is the time to start getting emotional and begin to say goodbye to Ted’s gang. It’s been a long journey, sometime to long, but after nine years Ted Mosby is about to meet the one! It’s crazy thinking when the show started way back in 2005, I was ten years old sitting on the couch watching what at first I thought was a pretty strange show, with about a million flashbacks within a flashback and a crazy cast (Seriously, these people made the characters in FRIENDS look normal). I’m nineteen now, sitting on the couch and writing about it. You could say I’ve been as productive as Ted has been in the last nine years.

Over the course of the final season, I’ve been re-watching the first 184 episodes, instead of actually watching the final season itself (I have seen the first few of the final season, but seeing as it takes place over one weekend, I made the decision to binge watch slightly before the finale, on the 31st of March). On my long rewatch, I noticed there was no episode that stood out of the all time best of the best episode for the show. There are a lot that I consider important to Ted’s journey, and many that were laugh out loud worthy, while having nothing to do with Ted finding his future wife, but off the top of my head I couldn’t decide. So I have decided to get the job down and discuss my top thirty HIMYM episodes breaking things down by season.

A post on HIMYM Season 1 will be up tomorrow.


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