I’m A Celebrity AU Week 1 RECAP

Even though I spent the whole first month of the year watching ads for a cooking show that will air “after the tennis”, I decided to change channels and check out the celebs in the South African jungle. Now like always we should be aware that the term celebrity is kept pretty loose with he show. Nobody should be expecting Charlie Sheen as the US Sitcom star, but I think everyone, myself included, expected more than someone who described themselves as a “brand ambassador”.

With that said, I think this year is the best collection of celebs yet. Sure half of them have already done other reality tv shows, but this bunch are full of joy and always trying to have some fun, which makes the show ten times better than a group that sits around and complains about everything. I’m looking at you Tom Arnold.


Literally Tom Arnold every five minutes.



Survivor Kaoh Rong: What could go wrong?

So there is a chance I might be the worst Survivor fan out. Okay, so maybe not the worst fan, but maybe the worst fan blogger. Looking back over my highly unsuccessful blog I realised that I never even put my thoughts out on the internet about the ending of last season, Survivor Cambodia (not that anyone was reading anyways). So here I am sitting down to post about the pre merge portion of this season, only to make a quick pitstop a couple of months back.

What can I say about Survivor’s third full returnee season? Anti climatic? Is that fair? Yeah, I guess it is. Season 31 started out strong and kind of fell apart when we decided to “invent” voting blocks. Look I’m the biggest Jeremy fan. His blindside in San Juan Del Sur was traumatic to say the least, but we were promised a great returnee season. Instead it felt like a repeat of Blood vs Water where the winner literally walked their way to the million. Seriously many parallels between Jeremy and Tyson could be made, but I really don’t have the time or energy to fall down a rabbit hole, that would make me look like I don’t support or appreciate their game prowess, when it’s quite the opposite.

Okay I’m going to move on. Cambodia was cool, but things could of been taken to the next level if the underdogs came through the the final six.

Now I’m finally going to move on to this season, I think we’re in for a wild ride. These first six episodes have been solid, but the editors are really setting up a few castaways for the fall. Scot, Kyle Jason, Nick, and Debbie all think they have the game in the palm of their hands. Peter would of been grouped in with these guys if he had made the merge, but just like with Obama’s term as president, all good things should come to an end. 

So with that in mind I believe their is only five players left that could actually win, but thanks to the equal editing, in my eyes they all have as good of a chance as the next. The five people I can see winning are Aubry, Neal, Julia, Michele, and Cydney. Any of these I’d be extremely happy with, but for now not much is clear. Hell, I could be wrong and the winner of the season could be Scot Pollard. That would show for once and for all that nothing can be certain on Survivor after 15 years. 

Survivor Cambodia: “A Second Chance” (Season 21, Episode 1)

Fall rolls around and we have another season of Survivor upon us. Just like the group of twenty castaways who have got a second chance to play again, I’m considering this my second chance to be blogging about Survivor. Okay, that is a bit of an over exaggeration, seeing that I didn’t have to go through a nerve racking vote that was decided by America and announced live on air, but Survivor is a show that I love, and I show that I should be writing about with more direction. I started blogging about Survivor at the start of Cagayan, but what I have posted about the show since then has been very so-so (So-Kim reference any one?). I was basically posting weekly recaps describing the show with little fanfare, and any one can do that, and many are doing it well. I knew coming into this season that I’d have to shake it up, to stand out. Every week I will know look at the cause and affect of what was shown on the show. What caused someones torch being snuffed and what effect it might have. With that, I should really get onto writing about the show.

First off, you have to feel a bit bad for Vytas, even if you aren’t a fan of his. Not only was he the first boot (he said if he knew he would of been the first boot then he wouldn’t of wanted to play, others like Tina Wesson would disagree), but he got edited in such a poor light. Normally it’s annoying when people complain about their edit, but he has a right to be annoyed when it all had nothing to do with him being voted out. Whether Vytas acted creepy around the females or not, he was always going to be the first one out of the Ta Keo tribe. All thanks to his first showing in Blood Vs Water and due to the people he was aligned with.


Survivor World’s Apart RECAP: “Joining an elite club” (Season 30, Episode 14)

World’s Apart is done and dusted, and while my body is ready for Survivor: Cambodia, I really should say a few things about tonights final.

First off, whether you love or hate Mike, winning five immunities is impressive. Out of 30 seasons it’s only been done four other times. Should winning his way to the end lessen his win? Nope. He still mades moves (e.g. forcing the tie) while not being in control. And he went the hero way of bring the worthy opponent to the end and still winning. This guy is a lock for when they next do Heroes vs Villains. To be honest Mike had votes from Hali, Joe, Jenn, and Shirin locked up so it really didn’t matter who he took.

Our runners up placers are polar opposites. Mama C is one of the few runners up where she would of been more then deserving for the title of sole survivor. Will on the other hand joins a club nobody wants to be a part of. The club includes the likes of Sherri (Caramoan), Susie (Gabon), Albert (South Pacific), Cassandra (Fiji), Becky (Cook Islands), Katie (Palau), and Mick (Samoa). All these people had no chance at winning the game, and well did very little in getting themselves to the end. Others dragged them there. As Shirin perfectly put it, Will was a dead fish.

The reunion was disappointing due to it being one of the shortest. I get that it was due to the cast announcement, but it still sucks. I laughed at Dan saying “their throwing me under the bus” as Jeff was about to play the raw footage. Dan they are only doing that after you went about bad mouthing the show and editing team. In regards to Dan I feel that he 100% does feel bad about things he said and Shirin accepts that, on the other hand Will tried to be like sorry but… There never needs to be a but.

So there we have it. 20 former contestants are heading out in the next few days to Cambodia for a second chance. I had a total Ralph from The Simpsons when T-Bird didn’t make the cut. My heart was breaking for her. Same with Shane Powers. Guy has been messed with enough times.

Well that’s it for another Survivor season. During the off season I will be posting weekly Survivor: What If’s, where I will change one vote in a season and see how I think it will impact the rest of the game. If that interests you, keep on coming back to every week.

Survivor World’s Apart RECAP: “The Full Enchiladas” (Season 30, Episode 13)

Mama C is playing to win, she isn’t in Nicaragua for second place. For the first time in the game she is without her ally Tyler, so she pulls in Mike which is a smart move. To the viewers she makes it clear that Mike will still go if he loses immunity, but if he does win at least she has someone who has her back. He thinks they are solid though.

More of Rodney complaining about not getting reward. Haven’t we heard enough from Boston Rod yet? Will had a bit off a fall which made me laugh. The Blue three have a slight lead but when they both get to the puzzle, they are stumped. It is so bad that the two teams stand there for an hour having no clue what it is. After multiple hints from Jeff, Carolyn finally gets the win…and proceeds to not give it up for Rodney.

On the reward Mike brings up the possibility of a of Mike-Mama C-Will final three. Carolyn is smart enough the say she would like that whether she means it or not. Will is to stupid to do that. If someone gives you an offer, just say yes! It means Mike will think he has a solid plan and will stop scrambling. Back at camp, Dan is talking about needing to find food. He has a spear in his hand and I thought he would go full Rupert, but instead walked 10 steps to find two melons. The fruit changed Rodney’s energy levels, calling it “the full enchiladas”.

Okay, that immunity had my heart going. Mike is the first one to get to the ball puzzle, but is going way to fast. Once he finally takes his time he is able to get through it. It was a close finish at the end with Sierra coming close, but the underdog victories continue.

At tribal Dan pays the ultimate price! Mike has constantly wanted to work with him, but time after time Dan will knock him back. Came back to bite him when Mike and Mama C choose him to take the fall from her idol play. At least her was smart enough to make a move but it didn’t matter at this point. His extra vote for Carolyn was just another vote to not count.

So now we have five. Mike is still the target, so he goes any time he loses. Sierra is in the biggest position out of the five. If Mike wins, she can go with the exciting idol players or she can go with boring Rodney and Will.

Survivor World’s Apart RECAP: “It’s Rodney’s B’day, and he’ll cry if he wants too” (Season 30, Episode 12)

Axis of Evil goes to Splitsville: With Mike having the idol, and their being no chance he would buff again and not use it, the “tight” group of six would have to take out one of their own. Before tribal council they had done a good job of letting Dan believe he wasn’t on the bottom, but he got two out of the eight votes. Even worse they were both from his own alliance members.

It’s Rodney’s Birthday, and he’ll cry if he wants too: Thirty days in and Rodney hasn’t been able to leave the beach for a reward. The reward challenge also landed on his Birthday. How perfect is that! So everyone in his group[ say they will take him if they win. Things start looking up for Rodney. That is until they see it is a group challenge, and it works out perfectly that Rodney doesn’t win, mostly because he team kept failing to follow the rules. Things get awkward when Jeff wants to see if Sierra or Carolyn wanna give up the reward for him. They don’t.

Gonna be awkward at Ponderosa: Going in to tribal both Mike and Carolyn were safe, with Tyler and Dan being the two targets. Tyler had mentioned about Mamma C giving him the idol, but she is playing for the win, not to keep friends, so out Tyler went.

Survivor World’s Apart RECAP: “No Mike in team” (Season 30, Episode 11)

Dan the man: Dan started to show a kind side that everyone from his hometown has been talking about. His soft edit made me think he would be going home for sure. He manages to apologies to Shirin, but to the camera says she still plays a victim. How does that work?

No Mike in team: The team of Tyler, Mama C, Dan, and Will won the challenge by going slow and steady. On the other side of the course it looked like Mike was trying to be the big hero, but nobody else on his team had any ideas on how to solve things.

Extra help: In what I think is a Survivor first, two immunities were given out in the individual part of the game. In the past this has only happened at the first merge challenge. Correct me if I’m mistaken. Producers were clearly trying to get both Mike and Shirin safe so we the viewers could se something exciting. The six would of had to take out one of their own early.

Russian Roulette: Mike mad a big move, and it didn’t work out like he had hoped. It still caused trouble though. Tyler and Will voted for Dan, while Mike lied and did vote with Shirin against Tyler. Playing the idol would of meant a revote between Tyler and Dan, with most likely Tyler going home, but then Mike has no protection and it’s still 2 vs 5. He made the right move in keeping the idol.

Survivor World’s Apart RECAP: “Turning Tables” (Season 30, Episodes 9 &10)

A common enemy is gone: Joe can’t bring home the immunity necklace, and neither can Jenn (who claims she would of gave it to him…debatable), so Joe must go. AHH, this is the earliest my post episode one pick has gone home, as both Spencer and Keith came in fourth place.

A new target: Overnight it seams that everyone turned on Mike, but at least he was prepared for it in having Shirin and Jenn already on board with him. Mike would of been hoping for Dan and Sierra to come with them to make the new five, but it didn’t work out that way.

The ultimate goat: In a season which many can be seen as goats, Will stepped up this way. I’m not going to get into it too much because most of what I want to say has already been said many times, and if I did end up expressing how I felt, it would make for a long read. That being said, Will’s attack on Shirin was one of the most disgusting moments on Survivor in 15 years. What’s worse is he still stands by what he says after the game.

Survivor World’s Apart RECAP: “Three Magic Words” (Season 30, Episode 8)

Ozzy 2.0: If Joe didn’t already have a target on his back (let’s face it, he did), he does now. In the second post merge episode he took about both the reward and immunity challenge. Fun fact: he the the first contestant to take out the first two immunities back-to-back since Laura Morett did it in Survivor: Samoa. He proved after the reward challenge that he isn’t just a pretty face and was smart enough to take the people who he needed to get votes of instead of allies Jenn and Hali. The girls wern’t smart enough to see this as they were bummed about not being picked.

Idol hunting: In a season which has been staying away from focusing to much on idol plays, we had it get a fair bit of attention this past week. Joe gets the clue, but Mike is able to find it through Tyler. The question on everybody’s mind is, was this a idol planted after Jenn played her’s or was this the Blue collar idol that had been buried since the beginning of the season. I’m thinking it’s the latter and joe isn’t done just yet.

Can Shirin win this?: Okay so Shirin is having one of the strangest edit’s I’ve seen in a while. She was on the outside of her post switch tribe, and gave the whole I’m gonna be strong and try and win anyway confessional. Now she is way to excited for challenges, gets the do-do music while she is zip lining, which makes me think she is going home, but then Dan is totally shoving her down. It was built as Shirin or Dan only to be Hali. Is Shirin going to make it far but not have any chance to win in the sense of Colby 3.0?

Survivor Worlds Apart RECAP: “Monkey Sex” (Season 30, Episode 3)

Group idol hunts, monkey sex, and fire wood disputes. A lot went down on Survivor this week, and I’m here to take a quick look back.

Getting back to campJenn tells the group Vince tried to pull a fast one because he’s a snake? What Jenn, the snake is standing right next to you. At least Joe is able to identify that Will was the one to change to vote.

The next morning Shirin watches in on some monkeys having sex, and she then proceeds to tell the group about it even though they are visibly uncomfortable, just like the week before when she was naked. I like Shirin but she struggles to read other people. Latter when four of them are looking for an idol, Shirin and Joaquin start to fight about nothing. He tells her he didn’t trust her from day one. The idol hunt is funny because Carolyn is back at camp looking after the fire, but she is really there because she already found the idol.