Ranking all of Kylie Minogue’s lead singles

With Kylie Minogue dropping her new track, “Say Something”, from the forthcoming album Disco, I thought it would be a fantastic time to do a quick little ranking of all the “singing budgie’s” lead singles. Now as Ru would say, let the best song…win.

15. Only You (featuring James Corden) – Kylie Christmas

I was in two minds if I should even include this from Kylie Christmas. Look it isn’t terrible and James Corden was actually bearable for once, but this was never going to be ranked above anything else considering it was from a Christmas album. Also how was “Every Day’s Like Christmas” not the lead single. That song has actually become a Christmas staple in the last five years.

14. Word Is Out – Let’s Get To It

If you want an indication of what Kylie thinks of this one, look no further than her greatest hits two disc collection Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection, where “Word Is Out” could only make it onto the expanded edition. A song that is incredibly dated by the new jack swing that was popular in the early 90’s, and also from her least successful album to date, it’s no surprise I’ve ranked it so low.

13. Hand on Your Heart – Enjoy Yourself

I feel bad lumping in another PWL single this early in the rankings, considering Kylie wouldn’t have a career without these early hits, but it’s also an indication of how successful her music has continued to be. Despite being released eighteen months after her first album, there isn’t much that is distinctive between the two. Would recommend checking out her acoustic version that was released on The Abbey Road Sessions, as it’s a perfect example of the profound lyrics that can be hidden in pop songs under all the noise.

12. 2 Hearts – X

Honestly if the pop quiz question was “What was the lead single off Kylie’s album X?”, I would have got. How was it not “Wow”. I was so close to just writing about “Wow” instead, as it’s the song I think of most from the album X. Then to find out that “2 Hearts” wasn’t even her song, but instead a cover from Kish Mauve, an British electronic duo. No one can complain though as “2 Hearts” went to the top of the ARIA Charts in Australia, and cracked the top ten in the UK.

11. Dancing – Golden
Sure Golden wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it looks like it was the move that Kylie needed to make at the time. I might have this ranked higher than most, due to seeing her perform it live last year at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl (it remains one of my favourite concerts). Honestly though with our pop princess turning 50 it made sense for her to be making a song that was a little more introspective, while still having fun singing about going out dancing.

10. Say Something – Disco

This was hard to place considering it was only released a few hours ago. One one hand I was expecting something a little more bolder from an album called “Disco”. On the other I already like it more than the previously discussed tracks. Time will tell on this one.

9. I Should Be So Lucky – Kylie

From the album that kicked it all of, this one is extremely repetitive, but I can’t knock it. A pure 80’s tune that went to number one in eight countries. It’s a little meh, and I’d admit I’d probably skip when playing a Kylie playlist on Spotify, but I’ve always got to respect where an artist started.

8. Into the Blue – Kiss Me Once

God it might have been a flop of an album, but this one is a 5/5 song. At the time it was compared to “All the Lovers”, so maybe Kylie was playing it a little too safe, but this is one of the few songs that can come on at work and lift my spirit’s.

7. Slow – Body Language

“Slow”’s minimalist production is able to perfectly complement Minogue’s seductive vocals on the lead single from Body Language, as she stepped away from the dance pop that had featured on the last two albums. One of her five Grammy nominations, Slow isn’t regarded as high as her other hits, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

6. Some Kind Of Bliss – Impossible Princess

This will be a shock for some that it’s ranked so high, but it’s a personal favourite of mine. Rankings are subjective afterall. This song is nothing like anything else on the album, so was it a mistake for this to be the lead single? Maybe. Still she had never done anything like it so good on her for taking a step outside her lane. If you don’t like the song, or even the album it came from, don’t complain too much, as I don’t think we would have got Light Years without the mixed reviews for Impossible Princess.

5. Better The Devil You Know – Rhythm of Love

Still a staple of a Kylie concert to this day, Kylie was moving on from Neighbours and it started to show in her music. The more mature sound might also be due to the influence of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, who Kylie was dating at the time. Listening in chronological order, you can hear the progression she is starting to make.

4. Spinning Around – Light Years

The song that turned Kylie’s career back around and cemented her in pop music history. “Spinning Around” was the first time she’d topped the charts in the U.K in a decade, with a song that defines the turn of the century. And then there is the video featuring the iconic hotpants. It was indeed a comeback, from an album that would be listened to all around the world after the Sydney Olympics performance.

3. All The Lovers – Aphrodite

How is it that so many times the song that is last recorded for an album, is one of the best. Three years on from X, pop music had changed dramatically, but Kylie still had another hit left in her. It’s a strange song that fits so well as an album opener, but also as the concert closing song.

2. Confide In Me – Kylie Minogue

“Confide In Me” is such a leap from all of her previous work, but a leap that was successful unlike “Some Kind Of Bliss”. One of the best songs of the 90’s is ironically nothing like what the average punter would think of, when Kylie Minogue would come to mind.

1. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Fever

I’m sure it’s no shock that this is number one. Her most well known song. Everyone knows the song’s pulsing baseline. Everyone can recite the “la la la”. It took the music made on Light Years to a new level. Right now sitting in the middle of her career, it’s a peek that she wasn’t able to get back to again. It’s one of the highest selling singles of all time, and one that lives up to its title, when people really can’t get it out of their head.