Big Brother 17 ~ Thoughts Part 1

As an Australian, watching the American Big Brother format has taken some getting used to. For me Big Brother involved watching people sit around all day, and us voting out the boring ones. Oh and there could never be any talk of nominations. I start watching what I would now regard as the superior format of the show, and all of a sudden I’m learning all these new terms like Head of Household, getting backdoored, Power of Veto, and Battle of the Block. And everyone is also talking about Dan’s funeral which is funny because I though the French Survivor was the only reality tv show to have someone die while filming.

So I had some catching up to do. Over the past month or so I have been learning as I go along with the season (thankfully I didn’t start watching last year or I wouldn’t of learnt much) and hear are some of my thoughts.

First off I’m so glad the game is at where it is now. Can you imagine if James didn’t win HoH and if Shelli had sent home James or Jackie. The Sixth Sense alliance would still be strong and might of continued their power through to this week.

I would love for all five remaining members to be whipped out all in a row, but I highly doubt that is going to happen. All I know is that so far in this game the big players have been going home. I would not be shocked if one of Steve, Becky, or Johnny Mac are sitting in the final two. At the same time if Shelli can make it through this double eviction, and get over being without Clay, I can also see her going far into the game. Going forward people are going to start coming after the twins, and people like James and Austin. If say Vanessa and Liz are the next two to go, wouldn’t it be a good move for Shelli to pick up the stragglers in Steve, Becky, and John, and move forward like that. What other choice would Shelli have.

I really like James but shouldn’t he start broadening his horizons with alliances members. If himself, Jackie or Meg don’t win HoH, and the HoH wants to take a shot at the After Dark Alliance, wouldn’t James be the first to go?
One thing I’m finding strange is I don’t really hate anyone. I mean I hated how Shelli and Clay were always acting so self important, but I didn’t hate them personally. I don’t really like Austin but it’s not like he is getting a lot of airtime so it’s fine by me for now. The only down side of this season is some of my favs in Da’Vonne, Jason and Audrey went early.

So that’s the first half of the season down, I intend to be back after the game is over, and see if any of my thoughts on the season will pan out.


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