Top Survivor Tribals

This year The Survivor Hall of Fame is taking votes on the top tribal councils. I realise we are meant to pick from the choices, but her are my three.

Shortlist: Borneo F10, Borneo FTC, Australia F8, Marquesas F9, Marquesas F4, All Stars FTC, Vanuatu F7, Palau F10, Cook Islands F9, China F7, Micronesia F9, Micronesia F5, Gabon F10, Heroes Vs Villains F10, Philippines F10, Blood Vs Water F6, Cagayan F11.

Borneo FTC: Still to this day the best final tribal council speech – Corinne and Penner come nowhere close. It must of been pretty brutal for Kelly to here, because after the vote is read and everyone is congratulating Rich, Sue goes over to Kelly, but Kelly wants none of it. They say that Hatch invented the strategy part of Survivor, well then Sue Hawk definitely started the trend of memorable final tribal moments.

Marquesas Final 9: The fall of the Rotu 4 is one of the most satisfying things to happen on this show. They thought they had it in the bag on day 21. If anything it was a lesson to future Survivor players. If your at the bottom of an alliance and there is a way to get further with somebody else, GO WITH THEM! The whole tribal council was made even better as cocky John Carroll was the first to go out of the group.

Philippines Final 10: First everyone wants Penner gone. Then when he wins immunity it’s Skupin, the other returning player. But lisa doesn’t want him gone so she targets Malcolm to get rid of his idol. When Malcolm finds out the vote changes to Jeff Kent. Minutes before tribal Malcolm is trying to gather numbers to vote out Pete. By the time they get to tribal that night, there are two clear sides. The Tandang 5 vs the rest. At the tribal both Malcolm and Abi pull out there idol, Malcolm for strategic reasons, Abi cause she needed some attention. The confusion is not only too much for the viewers to keep up with, but Penner also loses track ,and doesn’t vote with his group. Jeff is sent to the jury, but Abi’s treatment of Lisa cause her to flip down the line.


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