Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: My obsession with Survivor (Part ll)

On the arrival of the twenty-eight season of reality tv juggernaut Survivor, I’ve decided to look back on my relationship with a show I love dearly. The show became a cultural and critical success in the summer of 2000 and was originally seen as a fad. Fourteen years latter, Survivor is still going strong, and takes viewers to incredible locations like The Amazon, Guatemala, Vanuatu, China, Palau, Kenya, Samoa, and Australian.

Today on the eve of the premiere of Survivors 28th season, I will continue my look back on the show by listing my favourite contestant, season, tribe.

Contestant -> Parvati Shallow – Cook Islands, Micronesia, Heroes Vs Villains.
While she was seen as just a flirt in her first season, Parvati took a second chance and ran with in it Micronesia. Wile the odds were against her in the Cooks’, she made sure she had strong alliances with the right people, and this time knew when to cut them off. Her return to the game for a third time saw her as a early threat, but she managed to adopt the the conditions and made it to the final three, and was crowned runner up. Many note that she was more deserving than Sandra, who won Heroes Vs Villains. As one of few who is able to recognise how important having a strong social game is, and also being able to compete well in challenges, along with creating one of the strongest alliances of all time, she is easily one of the best players the game has seen.

Other choices were: Rob Mariano (Marquesas, All Stars, Heroes Vs Villains, Redemption Island), Vecpeia Towery (Marquesas), Richard Hatch (Borneo, All Stars), and Rob Cesternino (The Amazon, All Stars).

Season -> The Amazon
This season has so many reasons for being my pick. We had the first battle of the sexes, which went perfectly, giving the game so many cross tribe alliances, after the tribe swift. We also had one of the most memorable moment, that had nothing to do with the game. Heidi and Jenna taking their clothes of in a challenge for peanut butter. A lot of people look highly upon tis season for its unpredictability thanks to Rob C, but really the characters make this season. I don’t think anyone could of predicted that Butch, Rob, Matt and Jenna would end up being the final four, and I would of be fine with any of them winning the whole thing. And top of that, we have one of the most under rated castaways of all time in Deena Bennett. She was just as smart as Rob, until she started talking to the wrong people.

Other choices were: China, Pearl Islands, Palau, and Micronesia

Tribe -> Casaya (Panama)
Never has there been a tribe as dysfunctional, while still being successful, as Casaya. Featuring some legends of the game in the likes of Aras Baskauskas, Cirie Fields, and Shane Powers, the tribe managed to eliminate the completion, until they had to turn on themselves. The result was chaos.

Other choices were Fei Long (China), Mogo Mogo (All Stars), and Tandang (Philippines)

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