so as we should all know by now, Kingsley has announced that 2014 will be his final year on youtube. His reasoning is totally fair and I can understand why he needs to move on with his life. Although it must be had for his like ultra-mega-super fans to accept.

But what he has said is right. So many “vloggers” on youtube are just there for the fame and the number of subs and to basically work their way up the ladder. The reason I started making videos in November was cause I felt like I didn’t have many people that would listen to me talk about what I really wanted to talk about, and if there was someone out their on the internet willing to listen, then that’s just a bonus. It really shows what youtube (for the majority) is all about these days when I told a friend that I started making videos and her reaction was “sick, so you can get famous?”

Another thing I admire about Kingsley is that he isn’t gonna pretend to like other youtubers just for the sake of being friends with everyone. I’m not saying he is rude to others, but what I like is he isn’t willing to waste time sucking up to others to do “colab’s” and “challenges” for the opportunity to reach new subscribers. There are a lot of bloggers that I feel in a way “use each other”. They all play best friends and basically do collaborations  with each other every single week. They mustn’t be very entertaining in the first place, if they have to really on the same people to appear with them every single week. And kingsley isn’t afraid to call them out on their bullshit. He mentioned in his announcement interview that “there are still some kick ass people on YouTube whose heads haven’t flown to space with Sandra Bullock.” Which is so true. Yes, I understand we live in a age where some on youtube are more regarded that reality stars now days, but that doesn’t mean you all have to have a massive ego. Calm down, we get it you reached 700,000 subs, you don’t need to do a #ask[insert youtube users name] every week to celebrate your new found fame.

to sum this all up, Kingsley is a God and has enough balls to call other youtubers out on the bullshit they spin for 365 days a year.


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