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Survivor Cambodia: “My We Will Reign Supreme”

A week out from the final, I thought I’d take the time to comment of the gameplay from the jury members, plus look at the road ahead.

Kass: For the first 16 days of Cambodia we had the opposite of Chaos kass, it was Calm Kass, but knowing she was on the outer circle of the original Bayon tribe, and with nine of them left still in the game, she made a massive move with the merge approaching. There was nothing wrong with the move, but Kass would of been thinking that the merge would come at final 12 or 11, not 13. If it had been at 11, they could of been able to get rid of Savage and Wiggles, and it would of been game on at the merge. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case.

Savage: This season Jeff wouldn’t stop telling us how this was a second chance. We heard him tell both us and the contestants that they all lost the first time around and that this was a second chance to win. Somehow Andrew missed the memo. He change nothing. He is still the leader, and nothing but that. When he votes someone out it’s all good, but the minute things don’t go his way, he has been backstabbed and betrayed and the person who lied to him has no integrity. Let me say this though. Kelley doesn’t play her idol, it wouldn’t of changed the game, and I can see Savage sitting at the end. No chance of winning though, but he was the glue with most of the Bayon’s.

Kelly: What is there to say about the OG. Not much really. I don’t know what her game plan was. Lie low and win out like her first time? Who knows. At least we can tick her off the Survivor returnee bucket list.

Ciera: A fighter, that’s for sure. I know when you are on the bottom you have top make some noise to shake it up, but telling people they aren’t playing is really insulting. Everyone was playing, they just wern’t playing the way you wanted.

Stephen: Ah Stephen we were rooting for you, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU, but it wasn’t to be. At least you wen’t out swinging for the fences. Hope your demons from Tocantins have left you.

Joe: All Joe had to do was not win the first immunity challenge, but the competitor in him couldn’t do it. I’m not saying he didn’t already have a target on his back, but it grew larger with every win.

Abi-Maria: What can I say about Abi? I’m not even sure I have an opinion on Abi. She provided entertainment, that’s for sure.

Okay we are now down the final six. Not much room to move around with votes. Without even thinking about idols, you need four votes to reign supreme at the next tribal, unless you pull a 3-2-1 (hard to pull off). My prediction for the next tribal is four votes go to Kelley and two go to Jeremy, both play their idol, meaning a total revote. If Keith has immunity then Spencer goes, if Keith doesn’t win then he goes. If say Spencer was to go at final six, then Jeremy and Tasha are in trouble because it would leave the door open for Kimmi to make her big move and swing over to create a new final three. Now I know that’s a lot of fan fiction, but I expect some fireworks at these last few tribals.

Also can I take a moment to point out my pre season pick Kimmi is still in the game. Not to bad at all.


Survivor Cambodia RECAP: “Not an alliance, a voting block”

I haven’t posted about Survivor the last few weeks, but now I’m back to stay right until we have crowned a winner. While the pre-merge was so So (Kim), the early merge has been a success with more votes than ever being able to be used at ones advantage.

Unfortunately for Kass, at the final 13 no one was ready to make a move yet, and as a result her torch was snuffed. People like Jeremy, Keith, and Spencer were extremely lucky that the group didn’t start taking out big targets straight away. If this season had merged at 11 or 10, things would of been differently. Even being at 11 now why is Kimmi so hell bent on getting the three girls (three amigas or witches coven, whatever you prefer) out of the game? Does she realise she can’t win sitting next to Jeremy at the final tribal. He’s a nice guy who loves his wife, and everyone knows that. He isn’t going to leave a bad taste in people’s mouth after voting them out (aka Russell Hantz), so why let him stay in the game. The fact that he has two idols makes it even worse, but she has no way of knowing this.

Speaking of his two idols, let’s quickly talk about Jeremy’s edit. It’s just way to over the top. Without a doubt he is playing a good game, but he won’t be able to convince people to take him to the end. Jeremy’s edit reminds me of Tyson in Blood Vs Water, in this situation Tyson won, but thats only because people aligned with him, Gervase and Monica, knew that they would have even less of a shot going with anyone else. That isn’t the case in Cambodia. Stephen doesn’t want to have a repeat of his first season where he can’t get rid of “golden boy” JT, due to his immunity wins from the final 5 onwards. Once Stephen reaches his goal of sending out Joe, he will turn his attention onto his pal Jeremy, and he won’t wait until the final 5 to do so.

Stephen’s edit is also tricky. It’s been all over the place all season, that a win for him would be extraordinary. It’s possible, and I would love it, but it would be crazy. I sense that from what we are being shown of Kelley Wentworth that she has a good shot of being there at the end and winning.

At the same there are still big players left like Tasha, Spencer, and Ciera that could shake up the game and send it into a new direction.

Survivor Cambodia: “The Pot & The Kettle” (Season 31, Episode 2)

Shirin Oskooi, World’s Apart – 19th place, 6 Days (35 Day Total)

Long story short this week:

Cause: While like Vytas, Shirin was always going to be a target of many, it didn’t help that she overplayed (I mean it’s day six and all, and the fact that she joined on mocking alliance member Abi was what lead her out of the tribe.

Affect: Shirin’s departure will have minimal impact on the overall game, seeing as a third tribe will be added next week, but Spencer will really have to step up his game, and some people might start to be wary of Varner.