The Art Of The Brick: DC Comics – A Lego Experiance


The Art Of The Brick exhibition is a must for all Lego fans. While it’s amazing to see just one Lego sculpture at a shopping mall, this was taken to another level having room after room with DC heroes and villains brought to life with small coloured bricks. It’s all the more jaw dropping when everything on display was all done by one person. Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has worked away for hours put this collection together.



Captain America 3 to compete with Batman and Superman at Box Office

The fanboys around the world, will have to make a big decision to make, in regard to which blockbuster superhero film they see on May 6, 2016. I realise that this is another two years away, but it was announced today that the third Captain America film will be going head to head with Warner Bros. Batman Vs Superman.

Captain America is now a solid part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise with Steve Rodgers appearing in his own spin off film sequel The Winter Solider and will be seen in the much anticipated The Avengers: Age of Ultron, before he takes on Batman and Superman at the box office.

Other films lined up for release in the franchise are Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man staring Paul Rudd.

Now the question is: what will be the next film to join Ant-Man and Captain America getting their own films in Phase Three of Marvels Cinematic Universe? It has been long rumored that comic book heroes Black Panther, Iron Fist, and Nighthawk, will get their own films, but only time will tell which Avenger will will see in the July 8 spot.

Entertainment Weekly Issue #1264 – 75 Years Of Superman


The newest issue of Entertainment Weekly goes through the history of Superman, from his comic days to the big screen being portrayed by the likes of Christopher Reeve to Henry Cavill, who will make his debut in the red cape this month. The issue is on new stands this Friday.

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