i’m a celebrity au

I’m A Celebrity AU Week 1 RECAP

Even though I spent the whole first month of the year watching ads for a cooking show that will air “after the tennis”, I decided to change channels and check out the celebs in the South African jungle. Now like always we should be aware that the term celebrity is kept pretty loose with he show. Nobody should be expecting Charlie Sheen as the US Sitcom star, but I think everyone, myself included, expected more than someone who described themselves as a “brand ambassador”.

With that said, I think this year is the best collection of celebs yet. Sure half of them have already done other reality tv shows, but this bunch are full of joy and always trying to have some fun, which makes the show ten times better than a group that sits around and complains about everything. I’m looking at you Tom Arnold.


Literally Tom Arnold every five minutes.



I’m A Celeb AU NOTES – Week 3 & 4

Not so much a recap, more of a look back with short notes.

-Andrew/Anna tucker trail fail
-Mongoose? Really!?
-Barry & Andrew with the new cooking rules. Are they losing there mind out there?
-Laura and Tim booted. My reaction: Meh.
-Laura has most energy seen in two weeks
-Anna cries…a lot.
-Freddie and Julie enter. Intruders that will change things up unlike other two
-Joel’s lux item is a picture of Harry Styles. It should be a picture of Harry and Louis together.
-Barry and Joel is on of hardest TT yet and only get 2 stars. Down to the level of Laura Dundovic.
-Joel to Merv “Merv, I speak for all of camp with confidence when I say, shut the fuck up”
-Later Merv says “No one has told me to pull my head in, so I will keep pressing those buttons”
-Merv on TT
-Gets 11 stars. Is he really shaken or just wanting attention
-Joel cooking with Julie. “It’s like someone who likes tennis getting to play with Serena Williams”.
-Beetroot and croc – its Julie V Lauren
-Andrews birthday
-Lauren makes it awkward of course
-Group challenge Yes. Wrong team wins No
-Goodbye Lauren. You will be missed by no one.
-Andrew gets his chance to shine in his big TT
-Merv takes it to far. AGAIN.
-Freddie gets weird with Chris
-Charlie’s Angles!
-Barry wants to knock Freddie out. RE: Bed situation
-Julie cries over salt
-Charlie’s Angles plus one?