I’m A Celebrity AU Week 1 RECAP

Even though I spent the whole first month of the year watching ads for a cooking show that will air “after the tennis”, I decided to change channels and check out the celebs in the South African jungle. Now like always we should be aware that the term celebrity is kept pretty loose with he show. Nobody should be expecting Charlie Sheen as the US Sitcom star, but I think everyone, myself included, expected more than someone who described themselves as a “brand ambassador”.

With that said, I think this year is the best collection of celebs yet. Sure half of them have already done other reality tv shows, but this bunch are full of joy and always trying to have some fun, which makes the show ten times better than a group that sits around and complains about everything. I’m looking at you Tom Arnold.


Literally Tom Arnold every five minutes.

After a massive first day of which included skydiving, rope climbing out of a helicopter, and a challenge featuring every freak out animal possible, the celebs settled into camp for their first night.

The next day Steve and Nazeem were already onto the topic of politics, which I expected, but really one day in, that must of been a slow and boring 24 hours to get there so quickly. Luckily they move away from all the serious talk (leave that for The Project guys) and start speculating if anyone will be joining them. Nazeem pips up with Kate Fisher, which boils Steve Price’s blood more than immigration talk. Don’t know why. Maybe he had a bad date at the movies one time watching her in Sirens. We’ll never know, but Nazeem was spot on as he’d been researching in the gossip mags obviously.


This conversation must of been a dream for the producers as they show us this while we get to see Kate Fisher, now know as Tziporah Malkah, walking towards camp with Kris Smith. Even though they don’t have to skydive, Tziporah manages to take a fall.


Straight into the water she went.

Even though Pricey dreads the idea of her, after a chat around around the camp fire, he changes his tune when he realises their political views match up. By night three I’m reminded to make sure I’m done with dinner by 7:30PM, because watching celebs gag on grubs isn’t that great.

For a second time the public sent Steve and Nazeem (Australia’s new odd couple) in for the next tucker trail, where they were able to get ten stars, but pulled off a ultimate fake out on the crew that lasted hours.

In the funniest moment of the show for the year so far, the celebs played a game of telephone, which resulted in everyone looking like Winona afterwards.


Stay tuned for more fun tonight!


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