Survivor Cambodia: “Calm Before” (Season 31, Episodes 4, 5 & 6)

Time for a catch up before the merge. What caused these three castaways to be voted out of the game?

Jeff Varner: Multiple reasons. To start with Tasha didn’t want anything to do with him from the get go. Add that to him talking to his former tribemates, it easily could of been him a week earlier. His health was a major factor, but if he wasn’t so shifty from the get go there could of been a chance of Varner pulling Woo and Abi back together as they still had a 3-2 advantage at Angkor. Instead Varner played way to fast too soon.

Monica Padilla: This ones a tough one. We wern’t shown much in the episode but she was destined to go home. Take out talk of clams and an all girls alliance, she had no hope.

Woo Hwang: He voted for Abi twice! Seams like Abi Maria was the cause of his downfall. Way not take out Savage? Because Abi wouldn’t go along with that plan.

AFFECT: This is one of the most confusing merge episodes we’ve seen in a while. In recently seasons we’ve had two sides with someone in the middle, like Sarah the President in Cagayan or Jon and Jaclyn the power duo in San Juan del Sur. Going into next Wednesday so many deals have been made a chart will make handy viewing material. Here’s one from reddit user lpkw.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.50.01 pm

SIDENOTE: Can we just take a second to acknowledge that my post episode one pick, Kimmi, is still in the game!


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