Survivor Cambodia: “Drop The Angkor, Drop Your Buffs” (Season 31, Episode 3)

Before I get into the cause and affect Peih-Gee’s boot will have, I wanted to get into the tribe swap or tribe addition. While many people would say that Gabon’s downfall is the constant tribe swapping, I’m all for mixing it up as much as possible. I love this move. If it was up to be I’d have them do a tribe dissolve and swap at 16 players, another swap at 14, and a merge at 12. It would never happen, but I’d love it. Something that would of been fun for this season, and something they hadn’t done for a while, could of been a school yard pick for two reasons. It would reveal were alliances are at, and also because in recent years whenever we have a random swap, there is always a weaker one. This time we have Angkor. Let’s hope they can at least place in the next comp because I want to see someone else at tribal. It’s day 9 and we people like Kass, Joe, Stephen and Kimmi haven’t shown us how they are going to be playing. Okay onto what I’m here for.

Cause: This is the first time in Survivor Cambodia that the player voted out wasn’t targeted for reasons outside the game. Peih-Gee Law was voted out because she opened her mouth. Sure she didn’t talk as much as she did in China, and thus created less trouble, but put it this way, she goes along with the plan to vote Varner out, then he goes home. I see why she needed to turn it on Abi, but at least she could of still been in the game.

Affect: Angkor lost a relatively strong member, and someone who is good at puzzles. Down in the numbers, Abi won’t be able to sit out, like she did nearly every challenge in her season. So I wouldn’t be shocked if they are back at tribal. Saying that there are many different ways it could go. Option A: Varner, Woo, Abi regroup and take out Tasha. While I don’t think once these players merge they will stay in tribal lines, but you never know. It’s already 10 original Bayon to 7 original Ta Keo. Option B: Varner, Abi, Tasha, Varner stay on the same path they are on and take out Woo. Would be a easy vote, but a loss of strength. Which takes us to Option C: Savage, Tasha and Woo take out either Varner or Abi. Both are week, and both are unpredictable.

Side note 1: Woo telling people to be smart and not do anything crazy was funny. So was when Abi said Varner needed to go for being unpredictable. Look in the mirror maybe?

Side note 2: Abi is racking up the votes already. Nothing that would take her to the top of a all time Survivor ranking, but six votes from three tribals is impressive, seeing as last time see only received seven votes in total.


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